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 JANUARY 30, 2022
 a welcoming atmosphere. There are multiple ways to give yourself and your fam- ily a breath of fresh air. Try simmer pots with seasonal scents, candles or diffusers, and carpet deodorizer made from baking soda and essen- tial oils, especially if you have pets. Cat owners, in particu- lar, who are looking to main- tain freshness while spending less time maintaining the lit- ter box can turn to new Fresh Step Outstretch. The cat lit- ter lasts 50%longer and of- fers superior odor control with Febreze freshness and six-times activated carbon (versus Fresh Step Multicat), allowing you to change the litter box less often (versus leading competitor based on estimated usage). (Cer- tain trademarks used under license from The Procter & Gamble Co. or its affiliates.)
Houseplants are another
excellent way to breathe life into your surroundings. Plants placed throughout the home can brighten and energize a room. There are varieties of plants that need a ton of sun, while others prefer shade or there are 50/50 mixes. So, seek va- rieties that work with your aesthetic, lighting and space. In your quest to find the per- fect plant, don’t overlook the planter. Go bold with pat- terns or colors to liven up a bland space that could use a punch of pizazz.
A fresh coat of paint can completely change the look of your home and freshen up dated living spaces. Choose a complementary or accent color to go on one wall with neutral colors on the other walls to perk up a room. Don’t want to paint? Easy- to-apply, removable wallpa- per comes in a variety of col-
ors, textures and patterns. Get creative with patterns and designs from jungle scenes to floral to geomet-
ric or retro. The best part is that you can remove it easily when you no longer enjoy it.
So, add a home refresh
to your New Year’s reso- lution list and use those winter months wisely to refresh your home with a
brighter, airier outlook.
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