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  The benefits of soft washing
When it comes to residential and commercial
exterior cleaning, Pacific Spray Wash is Oahu’s most trusted source for flawless results and reliable custom- er service. Located on the Windward side of Oahu, the company travels islandwide and offers services such as roof soft washing, house soft washing, pressure washing and PV panel cleaning.
Moss and algae buildup are common in Hawaii, espe- cially in the mauka neighbor- hoods where rain is a daily occurrence. Besides being unsightly and slippery, or- ganic growth can become a huge issue if left alone. Moss is highly destructive over time, and airborne mold spores can even lead to respiratory problems. All exterior surfaces like roofs, siding, driveways and PV panels are susceptible to pesky organic growth. A professional cleaning will not only spruce up your outdoor space but can also greatly extend the useful life of your exterior surfaces.
One of the reasons Pacif- ic Spray Wash is a popular choice among homeown- ers is the application of a cleaning technique called soft washing. Although high-pressure washing works great for concrete and other hard surfaces, it’s too aggressive for sensitive surfaces like roofs, eaves and siding. Soft washing is a gentle and highly effective cleaning technique that uses low water pressure and a biodegradable cleaning so- lution to eliminate organic growth from the root.
Soft washing is especially effective on roofs where the presence of dark-colored algae not only deteriorates the roof surface but causes a serious issue with heat absorption throughout the whole house. One such cus- tomer is Kaneohe resident Jessie Oshiro who had her Gaco roof and house siding
soft washed by the team at Pacific Spray Wash.
“The roof cleaning made a huge difference this sum- mer with the heat, and now it looks brand new! The guys were so professional and pleasant while they were here. They did a really good job,” she says.
Along with her roof, Os- hiro also had her house soft washed.
“My siding and eaves were filthy. I thought I needed to get my house painted, but after the cleaning, no need!
The paint looks brand new. “My neighbors were im- pressed. They were coming up to me asking if I was go- ing to sell,” Oshiro says with
a laugh.
She also clarified that her
house is indeed, not for sale. “My house looks and feels
so clean now!”
To learn more about soft
washing, call Pacific Spray Wash at 808-763-9298 or visit for a free, no hassle consulta- tion on how you can revitalize your outdoor space today!
and Building Beautiful Homes for 31 Years!

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