Page 5 - Hawaii Renovation - Jan 16, 2022
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JANUARY 16, 2022
Although design- build was virtu- ally unknown when
Danny Graham launched Graham Builders in 1990, it is now the most popular project delivery method for home construction projects in the United States.
Client satisfaction with design-build methodol- ogy is generally very high across the board. That’s true at Graham Builders, too. As the award-winning Honolulu firm enters its 33rd year, homeowners and associates talk about the seamless teamwork, easy customization, faster completion and peace of mind that have made this company a local legend.
Bruce and Karen Miyoda, Manoa homeowners: “Gra- ham Builders is a one-stop shop, from qualifying to un- derstanding how much you can afford, to designing to meet that budget, manag- ing the project, building and following up afterward. It was very comforting to
tures in our home) include a waterfall counter, reclaimed teak flooring, dining table and banquette built from reclaimed Douglas fir beams that used to support our carport roof; and a con- crete vanity resembling a tori gate.”
Douglas Kurth, Honolulu homeowner: “As an archi- tect, I believe the design- build collaboration with Gra- ham Builders resulted in a better — and faster — prod- uct than if I had produced the construction drawings myself and then put them out to bid.”
Michelle and Mike Naito, Oahu homeowners: “We liked that Graham Builders designs and builds their projects, (which) meant that they could make changes quickly. They provided ex- cellent customer service at every stage. Bonnie was a lot of help at the start. Malia came up with an excellent design that matched the neighborhood, looked great and met our needs. Faith and Sara helped facilitate. Mike was an awesome project
manager. The whole team at Graham Builders made every attempt to make our home building project as easy as possible.”
Bob and Molly Wilkinson, East Honolulu homeown- ers: “Graham Builders’ de- sign-build plan is a stroke of genius. By the time we reached the signing, all questions were addressed, and we had the security of knowing what costs would be. We felt rooted, rather than adrift and at the whim of happenstance.”
Bradley Chang, appraiser vice president at Territorial Savings Bank: “Companies with a long history of integ- rity do things the right way instead of guessing or tak- ing short cuts. It’s difficult to change something after it has been built. Graham Builders works patiently with their clients, so the de- sign is right from the begin- ning.”
The Miyodas: “The thought of financing, de- signing and building was very daunting. But Graham Builders’ range of experi-
ence and access to the teams to get the job done made it much easier to ac- complish.”
David Nelson: “From de- sign to construction, the Graham Builders people were great to work with. You can get exactly what you want.”
Allen Kimura, Oahu homeowner: “Our home has become the rave of our neighborhood as many could not wait to take a peek inside. Many people have been in awe of just how spacious and functional the house is. We love it. Thank you, Graham Builders.”
A leader in the design and construction of multi-gen- erational homes and aging- in-place design, Graham Builders is the recipient of the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii Torch Award for ethics in small business. Its free Building Your Home for Life seminar will take place on Saturday, Jan. 22, and Saturday, Feb. 5. Register now at grahambuilders. com/seminar or call 808- 593-2808.
   have one place to go to ad- dress all phases of the build. They knew how to manage the whole project and how to build in a way that helped us feel like we were taken care of. We really felt like they were helping us create a memory.”
David Nelson, Kailua homeowner: “I had been thinking about building an ADU for some time and was unhappy with the fact that (there were) no customiza-
tion options! Then, I saw the ad in the newspaper about the free seminar. I liked the idea of creating exactly what I wanted. The design team was great — so many choices and options.”
Twer family, Oahu home- owners: “We chose Gra- ham Builders because we thought they were best suited to execute our vi- sion for a sustainable, multi- generational, custom-built home. (Unique design fea-

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