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DECEMBER 26, 2021
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   Replacement windows, like many products in the building trade,
have been experiencing delays following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now there’s issues with supply lines.
During 2020, we experi- enced an increased demand for windows, as many people were working from home, had kids home from school, and wanted to invest in up- grades, particularly to help make the house cooler. Mon- ey not being spent on vaca- tions or eating out got spent on home improvement.
In addition, with the prospect of interest rates increasing, folks refinanced their homes and used that refinance to make needed upgrades, including win- dows.
On the other hand, the ability of window manu- facturers to make windows was reduced as many had to
implement social distancing on their production lines or had outright plant closures because of COVID-19 out- breaks. In many cases, the production time to manu- facture windows increased four to five times.
The thought was with the introduction of vaccines, things would return to some- what normal in 2021. But as we have seen in Hawaii, the introduction of variants caused us to backtrack on our progress.
In addition, many manu- facturers have been expe- riencing supply line issues, which have affected their ability to order screens and some types of hardware.
In summary, the process of making windows has be- come longer. So, is it a good time to replace windows?
On the other side of the coin, we are seeing a sharp increase in the value of homes in Hawaii. We also
have the prospect of higher interest rates and inflation in the coming years.
Financial advisers will tell you to invest your cash in appreciating assets like your home. If you plan to finance your home improvements, now is the time to act before interest rates climb.
Windows, like many build- ing materials, have had price increases and we expect more increases in the com- ing months. If you are con- sidering replacing windows and doors in your home, now is the time to do so. The only drawback is the time to get your windows manufactured will be longer than what was normal.
Diamond Head Windows is one of the largest locally owned window replacement companies in Hawaii. We pri- marily focus on residential homes. We have a number of quality manufacturers that we work with so we can offer
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