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DECEMBER 12, 2021
       As Hawaii’s middle- aged and older pop- ulation increases,
members of the community are taking a more proactive approach to ensure a longer and safer future.
Helping seniors live inde- pendently within their own homes, Island Bath Works offers bathtub conversions, an innovative service that cuts out a portion of the bathtub side and creates a low and safe entryway. Walk- in tubs enable safe entry and exit in and out of the tub,
without major demolition or construction hassles.
As the only business on the islands to offer bathtub con- version, Island Bath Works has become particularly well known within the older com- munities as residents prepare for old age.
Thomas Watanabe, who lives in Pearl City and cares for his aging mother, recently took preventative measures against a potential accident and created a walk-through bathtub with the company.
“I had noticed that my
mother was having increas- ing difficulty getting access into our cast iron soaking tub and realized that some- thing needed to be done before an accident occurs,” says Watanabe.
To remedy his concern, Watanabe called Eric Thompson, CEO of Island Bath Works, to schedule a bathtub conversion.
“The finished product and workmanship was im- pressive, and functionally, just what we needed,” says Watanabe. “It’s such a relief
to not have to worry about mom’s safety in the tub. I just wish we did this earlier.”
Island Bath Works aims to complete each job as efficiently as possible with minimal interference to the homeowner’s personal lives. Because the conversion consists of converting the existing bathtub, major re- construction or demolition of the bathroom is not nec-
essary. The entire process typically requires only one day to complete, and cus- tomers may start using their new showers the next day.
Residents have the free- dom to choose where to place the bathtub entryway for any desired size up to 3 feet.
The conversion can be done on any type of bath- tub, whether it is made from fiberglass, cast iron or steel.
Those who may be wary of moving forward with bathtub conversion due to price concerns can take comfort in knowing that the process is substantially more inexpensive than most alternative options.
“I had several quotes for going the traditional route of removing my bathtub
and having a shower built in its place,” says Watanabe. “I chose Island Bath Works be- cause their tub conversion offered a cost-savings value and quick turnaround time that nobody else could offer.”
“While most other compa- nies will quote you anywhere between $12,000 to $15,000 to install a walk-in shower or sit-in bathtub, our services achieve the same result with a high-quality finish for ap- proximately 80% less,” says Thompson.
Island Bath Works offers 12 months of 0% interest fi- nancing for qualified clients.
Furthermore, the durabil- ity of walk-in conversions is guaranteed with a 10-year warranty. A five-year war- ranty is included with tub and tile refinishing.

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