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NOVEMBER 21, 2021
Windows Hawaii prioritizes safety and protection
for local homeowners look- ing to incorporate the per- fect line of windows that provide beauty and peace of mind.
The company serves as the exclusive dealer of An- lin’s Alii Extreme window se- ries in Hawaii, which offers an array of benefits including premium noise reduction, exceptional UV protection, heat reduction and easy operation and maintenance.
The insulated glass unit in Alii Extreme windows features a thicker glass — a
1/8-3/16-inch combo — that lowers incoming and out- going noise and increases security. The Alii Extreme glass can withstand winds of up to 120 miles per hour, which is ideal amid Hawaii’s tropical climate.
For an additional cost, homeowners may opt to add on additional levels of protection offered by Win- dows Hawaii. An enhanced sound and security package includes solid 1/4-inch stain- less steel sash deadbolts on sliding windows and triple- strength glass to bolster safety and durability. First Guard protection essentially triples the thickness of the laminate and allows the glass
to remain in place even when fractured by flying debris or potential break ins — anoth- er popular upgrade.
SunMatrix is a new fea- ture in the Alii product line that provides four layers of low emissivity coating, which greatly improves en- ergy efficiency. SunMatrix blocks 99% of harmful UV rays — a feat not offered by any other brand of windows locally, as Windows Hawaii is the sole source for SunMa- trix in the state.
Additionally, a Platinum Elite Spacer sits between a double layer of glass func- tioning as another factor in reducing heat. Anlin de- scribes the Platinum Elite Spacer as “the most ad- vanced, thermally efficient, commercial-rated warm edge spacer in the industry.”
Easy maintenance is an- other benefit of the Alii Ex- treme window line, which homeowners appreciate because there’s enough to do around the house
without having to worry about constantly cleaning windows. Alii Extreme win- dows feature triple-guard weather stripping that adds three times the protection against moisture, dirt, bacte- ria, mold and mildew, making the products simple to clean.
Windows Hawaii custom- er Nancy Beggin was ex- tremely happy after install- ing Alii Extreme windows with the help of general manager Mario Garcia. She continues to receive compli- ments from neighbors who say it looks like she has a brand-new house.
In addition to her dwell- ing’s fresh look, Beggin com- ments on Windows Hawaii’s hard-working team and its precision: “I couldn’t get over how professional and metic- ulous they were. They made sure everything was done properly and they cleaned up everything every day. There was a lot of teardown from the old siding and they took care of all of that.”
Customers can rely on Anlin’s unmatched true double-lifetime warranty. This promise offers a su- perb lifetime installation and product warranty on the Alii Extreme windows for as long as one owns their home. Also included is a lifetime com- plimentary accidental glass breakage replacement fea-
ture. Couple this manufac- turer’s warranty with Win- dows Hawaii’s installation warranty, and there’s no go- ing wrong. The warranty also covers labor and installation.
Those interested are en- couraged to call Windows Hawaii to set up a free consultation and get more information.
CONTACT 808-671-0808
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