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       Tips to finish chores as you age
When it comes to healthy, active aging, it’s all
about making simple ad- aptations. This is especial- ly true of outdoor chores, which can put a strain on wrists and hands.
Here are three simple tips to help you tackle your tasks — and maintain your favorite hobbies — with vigor as you age.
A few smart landscaping choices can make maintain- ing your home’s curb appeal much easier to manage. For example, by selecting na- tive plant species, your lawn and garden will more eas- ily thrive with less interven- tion from you. You can also eliminate some upkeep by using groundcover plants in certain places instead of grass, or by landscaping
with succulents that require minimal watering or even with decorative stones.
Stock your toolshed with items created to make your life easier. Fortunately, some product manufactur- ers understand the needs of older adults and are de- signing products accord- ingly. For example, Scepter SmartControl fuel contain- ers are operated with a squeezing action, making them much easier to use than other types of fuel containers, which require twisting a spout or holding down a button.
“We should never count seniors as ‘down and out’ from life’s activities. In- stead, they’re continuing to thrive at home, as well as fueling their passions
of boating, motorcycling, jet skiing and other activi- ties,” says Daniel Marshall, vice president of marketing and business development with Scepter. “That’s why we designed SmartControl containers to be ergonomi- cally comfortable for every- one.”
Available in 1-, 2- and 5-gallon sizes, SmartCon- trol containers are a smart and safe option for easy fuel-ups. The 5-gallon gas container also comes with a molded-in rear handle for easy balancing and opera- tion.
For those especially ac- tive seniors tackling large fuel fill-ups, Scepter makes a rugged 14-gallon wheeled unit ideal for safely fueling gas-powered tools, boats, snowmobiles, tractors, jet skis and ATVs. Visit scepter. com for more information.
As with any exercise that puts strain on a particular area of the body, while doing outdoor chores it’s impor- tant to both know your limi- tations and to take steps to keep yourself healthy. Yoga and stretching exercises that target your hands and wrists can improve mobil- ity and boost strength, aid- ing in injury prevention. And remember, it’s okay to stop for breaks or to divide your chores up over multiple days.
By making a few tweaks to your outdoor chore rou- tine — including seeking out products designed to be easy on hands and wrists — healthy aging and an ac- tive lifestyle can go hand-in- hand.
This article is courtesy of StatePoint Media.
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