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       It is time for vinyl siding and windows, so call Tropical Wholesale if you want
the best. In 1961, the first vi- nyl siding job was installed in Hawaii. Back then, there were many siding options, including steel, aluminum, masonite, red wood and as- bestos. Now, 60 years later, vinyl is the only surviving product of the six listed. This is because vinyl siding is perfect for Hawaii’s harsh climate.
Hawaii is surrounded by
salt air and has strong UV from the sun, as well as a lot of humidity. Vinyl is the perfect answer for the harsh Hawaii conditions and has proven itself over 60 years. In July 1961, 60 years ago, my uncle, Bud Shasteen, in- stalled the first vinyl siding job in Manoa. It’s still on that same home today, protect- ing the home from Manoa’s wet conditions and salt air. Plus, for 60 years, there’s no no painting. Consider back then, that vinyl only had a 25-
year warranty versus today where vinyl is warrantied for a lifetime. The 25-year vinyl has sure done its job and then some.
So if it’s time to paint your home, call Tropical, which has hundreds of colors and over 50 styles to choose from. Vinyl now comes in every style from vertical to eight styles of horizontal, shake looks, stone looks, and if you just don’t want a siding, try our vinyl paint. Tropical has all the up-to- date vinyl products that will make your home beautiful, as well as protect it from
wood-rot termites and ever having to paint again. That is why Tropical’s slogan is still “vinyl is final.”
Tropical is not just the leader in vinyl siding but is also the first company in Hawaii to install vinyl win- dows and doors. In 1978, the first vinyl windows were in- stalled by my uncle Bud. By 1981, Matthew Houar took over the company and re- named it Tropical.
A year later, Tropical was the first company in Ha- waii to manufacture vinyl windows and doors. For the next 16 years, Tropical
manufactured all its own windows and doors and supplied smaller contrac- tors. Realizing Tropical could not keep up with the rapidly changing window technology, it decided to outsource the manufactur- ing to larger factories on the mainland.
Tropical kept the fool- proof design created for Hawaii’s harsh conditions during 16 years of window manufacturing.
That’s why Tropical’s man- ufactured and installed vinyl windows and doors are still in the same homes 43 years
later and still warranted and serviced by Tropical. Fast- forward to today and Tropi- cal’s technology in vinyl sid- ing, windows and doors has been installed in more than 20,000 Hawaii homes. If you want the best, call Tropical or come to our showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St.
Not only will you see the best vinyl siding and window products made, but you will have the advantage of 60 years experience installing the best vinyl products. And remember “vinyl is still final,” so call Tropical and “buy lo- cal.”

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