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JULY 11, 2021
  The past 12 months have been very busy at RevoluSun. We
formed new partnerships, installed nearly 20,000 solar panels, and received indus- try recognition as the No. 1 PV and battery installer in the nation — all while navi- gating the uncharted waters of the pandemic.
As an essential service provider, we felt great pride and responsibility in offering our services to families who were spending more time than ever in their homes. With so much uncertainty in all our lives, we took great satisfaction in providing a sense of security and com- fort to our community.
Founded in Hawaii in 2009, RevoluSun started operations in a 300-square- foot office in Chinatown with
industry — with so many boom or bust periods it’s of- ten referred to as the “solar coaster.” As a result, in 2014, we at RevoluSun diversified our product offerings and rebranded our name to Rev- oluSun Smart Home to help add stability to our business and ensure our employees’ continued success.
With the addition of solar storage, roofing, HVAC and other services, homeowners now only need to call one company for all their smart- home improvements. Instead
of searching for multiple con- tractors to get the job done, we’ve developed an easy process for customers to upgrade their homes, which results in a seamless installa- tion and excellent customer experience. As a result, we consistently rank as Hawaii’s No. 1 solar PV and storage provider, laying claim to the spot the past four years in a row.
At RevoluSun, our am- bition is propelled by the knowledge that solar PV storage is critical in help- ing Hawaii achieve its 100% renewable energy goals, and we are excited about new programs being intro- duced by the Public Utilities Commission that will allow homeowners to participate in “balancing the grid” with batteries.
In fact, the “future” is a lot closer than most people think. Soon, solar storage owners will be incentivized to provide electricity from their batteries in an opt-in pro- gram with their utility. This paradigm shift of integrating residential solar promises to ensure Hawaii’s grid is the most advanced and resilient in the country.
RevoluSun is proud of the work we have done, and we’re even more excited about what’s to come in delivering Hawaii homeowners new and exciting programs that will al- low all of us to make the state a cleaner, more sustainable place to call home.
If you are interested in talking to one of our smart- home specialists, call us at 808-748-8888 or visit us at
   just five employees. Now, in our 12th year in business, we have grown to more than 130
people and have expanded our infrastructure to include our Innovation Center in Ka-
kaako and a state-of-the-art warehouse in Waipahu.
Solar is a very volatile
CONTACT 808-748-8888 ADDRESS 660 Ala Moana Blvd.
No. 220A, Honolulu WEB

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