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JUNE 20, 2021
Most successful busi- nesses thrive from a good balance of
providing premium products and exemplary customer service — and Windows Hawaii is that business for island residents. With an outstanding line of windows, doors and siding, the com- pany has held a reliable re- lationship with its customers for more than a decade.
Its customer favorite is the Alii Extreme windows and doors. Alii is built with triple-strength glass, height- ening durability and im- proving noise reduction of
sounds coming in or out of the house. Its screen frame is made with thick walls of high-test aluminum with fi- berglass reinforcement and upgraded rollers that con- tribute to its ease of use. Additionally, triple-guard weather stripping adds three times the protection against moisture, dirt, bacteria, mold and mildew — making the products simple to clean.
Alii is the successful re- sult of 10 years of research done by manufacturer Anlin Window Systems — mean- ing that Alii is tailormade for Hawaii’s extreme tropical climate and adjusted to last longer against the salty air
from the ocean.
The reliability of Alii win-
dows is backed by various new and return customers, including Linda Nelson.
“Alii Extreme is definitely outstanding; really unbeliev- able, actually. I mean to be honest with you, it does help to keep my house cool. They look really good and clean very easily,” she explains, also adding that she enjoys the noticeable noise reduction. “Whoever I have that comes to visit, they notice my win- dows and just love them, and
they love how it looks.” Nelson also pointed out that general manager Ma- rio Garcia had continued to check in on her and the windows at least a couple months after installation. From start to finish, she was a satisfied customer who was really impressed at Garcia’s availability and
“Mario, even though he’s
a general manager, he is just there for you no matter when you call and, to me, that’s a big asset. He was
never, never, never too busy for me,” Nelson emphasiz- es. “The people in their of- fice have also always been
pleasant and showed good customer service. And the installers are so nice and clean up well after they are done with the work.”
“We pride ourselves in providing products that are made in America by Ameri- cans,” concludes Garcia. “We only provide the best and are true to our customers and keep our word to ac- commodate everyone in any way possible. Our customers trusted us with their homes and it’s only right that they can always count on us.”
CONTACT 808-671-0808 • 808-383-7233 (cell) ADDRESS 91-314 Komohana St., Kapolei

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