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     When Dan Ueda’s mother-in-law suffered a seri-
ous fall, he and his wife needed to find a way to make her home more ac- commodating. The Pearl City resident knew that despite getting banged up and spending weeks in the hospital, his mother-in-law would not be interested in moving in with his family or into a retirement home. It was at that moment when he began to research ways that he could maximize safety in her house for in- dependent living. When she told him that she was hav- ing trouble getting into her bathtub, Ueda was shocked at the statistics surrounding elderly falls in the bathroom.
Each year, more than 33% of people age 65 years and older experience a fall in-
local company specializ- ing in bathtub-to-shower conversions in Hawaii, had both the expertise and af- fordable prices that he was searching for. Island Bath Works implements an in- novative and cost-effective remodel approach by re- moving the side of an exist- ing bathtub and fabricating a low entryway that blends in seamlessly.
The conversion does not
require plumbing altera- tions, demolition or major reconstruction. Because of that, an Island Bath Works tub conversion costs only a fraction of the typical $12,000-$15,000 price tag that installation of a shower stall would usually entail. In addition, the service is cov- ered with a 10-year struc- tural and leak-proof guar- antee.
It took Island Bath Works
just one day to completely convert the bathtub into a safe shower that Ueda’s mother-in-law could enter and exit without issue.
“They came in that morn- ing and had the conversion of the bathtub and grab bar installation done by the end of the day. Really fast and easy — no stress at all,” ex- plains Ueda.
Most importantly, the up- graded bathroom has given Ueda and his wife the peace of mind that another terri- fying fall won’t be repeated in the future.
“My mother-in-law ab- solutely loves it! It’s been a blessing for her and for us, knowing that she can live alone without assistance getting into the shower.”
Island Bath Works suc- cessfully completed more than 1,000 tub-to-shower conversions on Hawaii’s bathtubs, and is accred- ited with the Better Busi- ness Bureau.
For those with an aging family member or for se- niors who want to continue enjoying an active lifestyle without suffering from a serious slip and fall injury, contact Island Bath Works for more information or to schedule an appointment at 808-468-8000 or island-
MAY 9, 2021
       cident, with 80% of them happening in the bathroom. “My mother-in-law had become another victim and I was determined to not let it happen again,” says Ueda. After researching and consulting with several lo- cal bathroom remodeling companies, most suggested a full demolition and com- plete remodel, which far ex- ceeded the planned budget. “We didn’t need a new hotel-quality bathroom, we just needed a practical so- lution to make her current bathroom safe,” explains
Ueda was referred to Is- land Bath Works through a contractor who had hired them for his own mother’s bathroom conversion.
Island Bath Works, a

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