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APRIL 18, 2021
If you’re planning on updat- ing your windows and doors before storm season, the
time to start is now. For the best possible protection for you and your home, Windows Hawaii is the clear choice and most affordable option.
Windows Hawaii is the per- fect middleman that can help you to weather the storm, without the added cost of hurricane-rated windows, with the Storm Package. The package enhances the com- pany’s already-impressive Alii Extreme Windows by manu- facturer Anlin Windows & Doors.
The company’s Alii Ex- treme is anything but basic. In fact, its recently upgraded window strength with First- Guard protection is an op- tion customers can opt for at an added cost. It reinforces Alii’s robust sound and se- curity package by boasting triple-strength glass. While the windows do not have an official hurricane rating, gen- eral manager Mario Garcia assures that the windows are extremely durable and tested to withstand winds of up to 120 mph.
The storm package comes with a thickness of 1/8-inch to 3/16-inch glass, providing impressive protection during
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inclement weather. Then, tak- ing it a step further, customers can upgrade this with First- Guard Laminated Security Glass.
FirstGuard doubles the thickness of standard lami- nate compared to that in a traditional laminated window. The polyvinyl butyral inner
layer is double the standard thickness, which boasts an extra level of security and el- evated noise reduction.
Security is greatly en- hanced, too, creating a near- impenetrable triple-layer lamination of glass and poly- mer to better protect homes against invasions. The extra lamination fused in between two layers of glass makes the window engineered to fracture but remain in place, even after repeated attempts to break in or during strong storms.
As far as Alii’s warranty goes, customers can ex- pect Anlin’s unmatched True Double Lifetime Warranty.
This offers superb lifetime installation and product war-
ranty on the windows for as long as you own your home. Also included is a lifetime Complimentary Accidental Glass Breakage Replacement feature. Couple this manufac- turer warranty with Windows Hawaii’s installation warranty, and there’s no going wrong.
Interested individuals can call Windows Hawaii to set up a free consultation, or to just get more information.
“We are happy to be of ser- vice,” says Garcia. “We offer the best service department, along with the best products and attitude. These are all what makes us the first choice when it comes to windows and siding replacement.”

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