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     Hacks for easy spring cleaning
Time for your annual spring-cleaning? Make sure you’re equipped
with the right tools and strat- egies. Here are a few clean- ing hacks to help ensure a smooth and easy process.
Reducing clutter in your home means fewer objects to launder, dust and wipe down, and should be the first step of your spring clean. Start with dressers and closets. As the seasons change, you’ll likely be reorganizing them any- way in order to stow winter items away while making spring and summer gar- ments readily accessible.
As you do your seasonal swap, have bags and labels on hand to sort items by what you are keeping, what you plan to donate, and what needs to be recycled or dis- carded. Use the same orga- nizational method to pare down knickknacks, books, and other odds and ends as you tackle pantries, shelving and more. Take this opportu-
nity to wipe down shelving, particularly surface areas with food, dust and other residue buildup.
These days, disinfect- ing high-traffic areas of the home should be top of mind. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Streamline the task by selecting clean- ing products that are safe for use on a wide variety of household surfaces, and can be used around kids and pets
Consider stocking your cleaning arsenal with an easy-to-use product such as Arm & Hammer Essentials Disinfecting Wipes, which kills cold and flu viruses, along with MRSA, strep, staph, E. coli, salmonella and kleb. Available in Lemon Or- chard and Renewing Rain scents, these wipes provide citrus-based disinfection that clean without harsh chemi- cals, and are safe for use on stainless steel, sealed gran- ite, finished hardwood, tubs, shower walls, toilet exteriors,
and hard nonporous surfaces of car interiors. To learn more, visit armandhammercleans. com.
A true deep clean is not just about what meets the eye, it’s also about what meets the nose. Unfortu- nately, certain nooks and crannies of the home have a sneaky habit of odor build- up. Squash problem areas with a versatile, essential item you probably already have on hand — baking soda. Place an opened box in your fridge to absorb un- wanted odors, swapping it
out every month or so. Do the same in pantries where food items like onions and garlic are stored in order to neutralize their strong smells. You might also try using Arm & Hammer Garbage Disposal Cleaner, which are capsules containing baking soda. Leaving behind a cit- rus scent, they are a useful tool in combating kitchen sink odors.
A few essentials and some smart cleaning strategies are all you need to give your home some TLC this spring.
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