Windows Hawaii continues to elevate its game by taking customer service to the next level and caring for customers and their homes for the long run.

Windows Hawaii is the only local company to certify its full team with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. In doing so, customers benefit as their window products are installed and maintained with attention to frame cleaning, glass care, frame color retention, smooth operation, drainage system cleaning as well as moisture and mold abatement.

The AAMA serves as a bridge between the window industry and consumers in providing certified, quality window products. Windows Hawaii general manager Mario Garcia encourages homeowners to realize the quality and performance involved when coupling the heralded Alii Extreme windows with the company’s AAMA-certified installation and maintenance crews.

“The training provides a standard and uniform way to install multiple windows and frame types depending on the home, so knowing how to install the right ones and why makes all the difference,” says Windows Hawaii production manager Kurt Malley. “The training helps all our installers, whether we’re doing new construction or replacement windows. Having everyone at a job site with the proper, consistent knowledge and training goes a long way for our customers.”


Windows Hawaii continues its run of excellence after being selected by customers as Hawaii’s best window replacement company for 11 years, including first place in Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Hawaii’s Best awards for 10 consecutive years. The local company makes it a priority to offer attractive savings and discounts as well as access to rebates that ease stress associated with upgrading one’s home.

SunMatrix is a popular feature of Alii Extreme windows that provides four layers of low emissivity coating to vastly improve energy efficiency. SunMatrix helps block 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays — a distinction not offered locally by any other brand of windows. Cooler homes save residents substantially in the long run as energy bills are lowered and possessions are protected from fading and sun damage.

Alii Extreme windows withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour, reduce up to 50% of outside noise, and feature three weather strips per window to triple the protection against moisture, dirt, noise, bacteria, mold and mildew, thanks to an antimicrobial treatment.

After servicing Hawaii for the last 17 years, every step of the way from sales to installation, Garcia and his team also help customers take on window replacement jobs that include fixing damaged vinyl windows installed by competitors providing inferior products not suited for Hawaii’s unique climate. By offering peace of mind through lifetime warranties on installed windows, Windows Hawaii’s custom options are the clear choice compared to competitors’ cookie-cutter products.
“We offer unmatched customer service; call us and experience it today,” Garcia says.

91-226 Kauhi St. Unit 1B, Kapolei