Mi casa es su casa. What’s mine is yours. If you look good, we all look good. We are in this together.

What comes to mind when you hear this common phrase: when you’re part of a group, if one looks bad, there is a chance that the others will look bad by association?

To avoid giving off a negative vibe, consider gentle reminders as a good way to communicate that something could use a little work.

For example, if you see that your neighbor’s rain gutters are full of leaves and little trees are sprouting out of them, maybe suggest to your buddy to clean the gutters out. A good rationale to support your suggestion is that clogged rain gutters can damage their roof.


You might also see a couple of missing shingles or broken tiles on your neighbor’s roof. Help them out and let them know that missing shingles or broken tiles also weaken the integrity of the roof and lead to water damage.
Or, you might be in the carport playing cards with your friends and you notice some water dripping into your favorite adult beverage. If you are seeing water, it’s time to suggest your friend give a professional roofer a call.

What’s the point of offering these gentle roof-oriented suggestions to neighbors and friends when they might think you’re being a “nosy-body” and shrug off your suggestion?

Well, in a time when insurance companies are taking a sharp pencil to homeowners’ insurance renewals and using drones to inspect from above, it’s highly likely the roof is front and center — or at least right below the drone’s camera eye!

We don’t mean to be mean to insurance salespeople, they are probably stressing over delivering the bad news of cancellations or larger, bigger renewal rates. It’s been big news for the last few months that insurance is having to make up for covering fires, hurricanes and tornadoes.


We can all imagine the situation when a home is left abandoned in their neighborhood. Over time, the grass grows and weeds take over. Junk starts to pile up in the yard because no one is there to stop the dumping. It’s a human reaction to think, “There goes the neighborhood,” “It’s gone to the dogs” or “What an eyesore.”

How does this all relate back to what we said in the beginning: What’s happening in one place, reflects on others? Insurance carriers consider your neighborhood when they are calculating risk and rates. Have there been a lot of claims? Is the fire station nearby? Are there homes that are older, but in bad condition?

Chances are if one neighbor’s rates go up, yours will too.

If you don’t mind rejection, or are pretty sure your friend, neighbor or neighborhood friend will take a suggestion readily, Murakami Roofing will provide a $100 big-box DIY retailer gift card, one each, for you and your friend to help each other out. Under this “Good Neighbor Deal,” when your friend calls Murakami Roofing for an estimate that results in a complete re-roof, have your buddy provide your name, too. You both win!


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