Soft washing is a relatively unknown cleaning technique in Hawaii, but it is quickly becoming a popular option for homeowners looking to professionally maintain their properties. Most are familiar with techniques such as power washing, which utilize high water pressure to blast dirt and grime. Power washing is very effective for hard surfaces such as concrete but can be too aggressive for sensitive surfaces like roofs, eaves and siding.

Soft washing is a gentle yet highly-effective cleaning technique that uses low water pressure and a biodegradable cleaning solution to eliminate organic growth from the root, leading to a longer lasting clean.

It is especially effective on roofs where dark-colored algae not only deteriorates the roof surface, but causes a serious issue with heat absorption throughout the whole house. With those hot, sticky days becoming a common occurrence, energy utilization rates are at an all-time high along with outrageous electricity bills caused by appliances working overtime to cool the house down. A simple roof cleaning can have a massive improvement in not just a home’s curb appeal, but also that Hawaiian Electric Co. bill.


Another cause of high energy bills could be the buildup of pollutants and algae on photovoltaic and solar hot water panels. The accumulation of grime can impede sunlight from effectively reaching the solar cells, leading to inefficiencies in the system and ultimately increasing energy bills.

Professional cleaning of PV panels involves using filtered deionized water and specialized brush equipment to gently scrub away the muck, allowing the PV system to regain maximum production.

Homeowners are able to bundle their cleaning projects with Pacific Spray Wash and create a customized maintenance plan to avoid the headache of exterior home maintenance. Having years of experience working all across Oahu, the team at Pacific Spray Wash has seen it all and worked with thousands of satisfied homeowners.


Leslie Kazuko is a long-time customer of Pacific Spray Wash and longer-term resident of the Momilani neighborhood in Pearl City.

“In this neighborhood, I need to get my roof soft washed every 3 years or so,” she says. “I run my A/C a lot, so they also come clean my panels about every 12-18 months.

“I’m kupuna already, so it’s nice working with a company that is trustworthy and knows my property. I’ve seen the same guys come back over the last 3 years!” Kazuko adds.


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