Most people think of Hawaii as lush and jungle-like.

But those who live here know that parts of Oahu are arid and dry, kissed by sunshine all year long. Communities at lower elevations, like Waikiki, Ewa Beach and Kapolei, get much less rain than other parts of this island.

“Even the North Shore is dry, especially during summer, due to the rain shadow effect,” notes Sean Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass. “If your lawn gets plenty of full, direct sun — at least five hours a day — we recommend beautiful El Toro Zoysia.”

Tolerant, tough
El Toro Zoysia has been Hawaii’s most popular turfgrass for the past 15 or 20 years, with good reason.


As the most drought-tolerant turfgrass on the market, this bright green, medium-blade variety thrives in the dry conditions found in many areas of Oahu.

“It also tolerates a range of soil types, and requires less watering than other varieties,” Fong says. “This really helps homeowners save money on water bills, and for those who use catchment systems, it helps conserve water.”
El Toro Zoysia can stand up to heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for families with keiki and pets.

“And it’s known for being low maintenance, which makes it popular with homeowners who don’t want to spend many hours each week on lawn care,” Fong says. “It forms a dense carpet that chokes out weeds, and it’s less susceptible to pests and diseases, reducing the need for herbicides and pesticides.”


When properly maintained, El Toro Zoysia develops less thatch than many other grasses, which reduces the need for dethatching. Fong recommends reel-mowing El Toro Zoysia about every one to two weeks, with the blade height set at three-quarters of an inch, and watering three or four times per week.

Easy shopping
Hawaiian Turfgrass’ online ordering system makes it easy to shop for a new lawn. The website has all the tools homeowners need to choose the best turfgrass for their property, including an area calculator that uses satellite mapping to help determine a lawn’s square footage.

Professionals can also handle the job with Hawaiian Turfgrass’s complete turnkey installation services.

“We can handle your site prep, deliver your turf and install the grass for you,” Fong says. “We can even design and install an irrigation and sprinkler system, for easiest maintenance.”


Visit its website to place an order and arrange for pickup or curbside delivery. New lawns with beautiful El Toro Zoysia cost just $3.50 per square foot, with no minimum purchase! Use the discount code SUMMER24 by July 31.

Or, if homeowners prefer to let the professionals handle the job, call 808-371-0527 by July 31 to receive a $500 discount on complete turnkey services — including site prep, irrigation, delivery and installation (minimum 400 square feet) — for El Toro Zoysia and the other gorgeous varieties offered by Hawaiian Turfgrass.

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