If you’re looking for a spectacularly beautiful, low-maintenance turfgrass to transform your lawn into the pride of the neighborhood, Stadium Zoysia might be exactly what you seek.

Developed by Bladerunner Farms in Poteet, Texas, the world’s largest privately owned zoysiagrass research facility, Stadium Zoysia is sold exclusively in the Aloha State by Hawaiian Turfgrass.


“From mauka to makai, Stadium Zoysia can tolerate a variety of growing conditions,” says Sean Fong, owner of the Mililani farm. “It’s one of the softest

and most durable grasses on the market, and it’s perfect for Hawaii’s residential lawns.”


A number of qualities set Stadium Zoysia apart from other turfgrasses, and even from the other varieties sold by Hawaiian Turfgrass.


“All of our varieties are carefully selected to thrive here, but Stadium Zoysia is really special,” Fong says. “It might come from a farm in Texas, but it’s perfectly suited for Hawaii.”

• Darkest green: Stadium Zoysia boasts the darkest green color among all zoysiagrass varieties. According to Fong, it’s has stunning visuals, especially when compared to other grasses.

• Durable and traffic-tolerant: Because of its rapid spread and dense growth habit, Stadium Zoysia thrives in high-traffic areas like sports fields and lawns with active kids and pets.

• Fine texture: Speaking of kids and pets, Stadium Zoysia is incredibly barefoot-friendly. According to Fong, it has a finer texture compared to other zoysiagrasses.

• Wide range of acceptable mowing heights: Stadium Zoysia can be maintained at various mowing heights, offering flexibility depending on your preference. Fong recommends weekly mowing with a reel mower. According to Fong, it can be mowed from a quarter to 1 inch — the longer the leaf blade, the darker it appears.

• Low maintenance: Stadium Zoysia requires low fertilizer inputs, making it a low-maintenance turfgrass option. This translates to less time and money spent on upkeep.

• Drought tolerance: Like other zoysiagrasses, Stadium Zoysia has high tolerance to drought. According to Fong, this is a major benefit in Hawaii since it means less water usage and thus, lower water bills for homeowners and property managers.

• Salt tolerance: Zoysiagrasses have the ability to expel salt through specialized salt glands. As a newer variety, bred for improved traits, Stadium Zoysia’s salt tolerance is exceptional.

• Heat tolerance: Well-suited for Hawaii’s warmer temperatures, Stadium Zoysia thrives in the heat and maintains its lovely dark green color.

• Deep root system: Once established, Stadium Zoysia develops a deep root system, which helps it withstand occasional drought conditions.

“This might be the most beautiful turfgrass on the market today,” Fong says. “We’re really proud and excited to offer it to Hawaii homeowners.”

Stadium Zoysia is sold exclusively by Hawaiian Turfgrass, now celebrating its 15th year as Oahu’s premier turfgrass producer. Visit hawaiianturfgrass.com to place an order and arrange for pickup or curbside delivery. Prefer to let the professionals handle the job? Call 808-371-0527 to schedule turnkey installation (minimum 400 square feet) by July 31 for a $500 discount.

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