Your home is a reflection of who you are and is where you should feel your best. When designing spaces, it’s important to select pieces that evoke your personality and add interest to your surroundings. One of the biggest opportunities to define a room is through lighting that adds touches of fashion and function.

Lighting helps pull a room aesthetic together, much like how a special accessory such as a necklace or tie elevates an outfit. Selecting lighting should be done thoughtfully, with each option complementing — not competing with — the surroundings. Lighting is meant to enhance the other elements of the room and add a distinguished finishing touch.

If you’re considering updating your lighting, it’s important to take time to determine what you like and how that can be integrated into spaces. Every room tells a story, and the goal is for the lighting to be an extension of that tale. To get started, consider these questions:

• Do you like the warmth of traditional design?


• Do you lean toward clean lines of contemporary, modern forms?

• Do you prefer a transitional, more eclectic approach to design?

• Is there a period of of design history that is particularly appealing to you?

• Is there a destination or place in the world that inspires your style?


Eye-catching lighting that complements the space is a top design trend, especially as people are spending more time at home. Kohler Lighting is continuously evolving offerings to meet the myriad design preferences homeowners have. Three new collections demonstrate how different designs can meet these varying styles.

Vintage style
Do you adore designs kissed with opulence and grandeur, similar to styles in the Golden Age of Hollywood throughout the 1920s to the 1940s? This decor reflected the lavish style of the film industry with designs that made a lasting impression.

The Tresdoux lighting collection captures the magic of this classic era and transforms it into a modern collection. The signature look features a mixture of materials and textures, pairing delicate matte ribbed-glass shades with scalloped metal details. From sconces and bath bars to chandeliers, the fixtures feel sumptuous and rich — while never overpowering the space. It’s the ideal marriage of boldness and refinement.

Modern design
Look for lighting options with distinct forms for striking elegance. For example, the Kraga collection offers a variety of lighting options that are a creative take on mid-century modern designs with a sophisticated twist. Each eye-catching fixture is artistically crafted utilizing curved, linear metal pieces that fit in modern and traditional spaces.

This collection of lighting is sculptural, with an elegance that is bold, yet understated. Devoid of unnecessary decorative elements, these lights rely instead on the purity of pared down form and hand-selected materials. Crafted from smooth, cast metal frames fitted with glowing, cast-glass, creamy white globes, each Kraga lighting design is an expressive work of art, with its own unique personality and individual flair.

Traditional, equestrian
If refined elegance that takes cues from nature appeals to you, look for lighting that offers a creative approach to traditional English country decor. You may be interested in the Terret Collection that is inspired by British equestrian design, updated through a palette of organic materials to individualize each piece.

Designs draw from early English country decor, where owners would bring the beauty of their pastoral surroundings into their interiors, blending leathers and textiles, their varied textures and tailored forms, with the rustic beauty of wrought iron, weathered wood and glassworks. The Terret lighting collection reflects those ideals, evoking a gentle pastoral era, bringing the equestrian style to a contemporary audience.


Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you work, play, relax and can feel like yourself. Lighting enhances the personality of your home and makes it as individual as you are.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.