In the rapidly evolving world of renewable energy, solar technology stands out for its potential to significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and decrease our greenhouse gas emissions. At the forefront of this transformation in Hawaii is RevoluSun, a company that’s not just about providing solar panels, but is deeply committed to offering the most advanced solar technology available.

RevoluSun chief information officer Eric Carlson recently shed light on how the company is making strides in the industry by offering Maxeon solar panels, which are renowned for their unmatched efficiency and an exceptional warranty that far exceeds the industry standard.


Maxeon solar panels are celebrated for their groundbreaking efficiency, a critical factor for residential clients looking to maximize energy production. This superior efficiency stems from Maxeon’s innovative cell technology, which cleverly positions metal contacts on the back of the solar cell. This design maximizes sunlight exposure and enhances the panel’s ability to generate electricity. By eliminating the traditional front grid, Maxeon panels ensure the most sunlight is converted into usable energy, making them the most efficient solar panels available to homeowners.

The RevoluSun and Maxeon partnership is distinguished not only by the superior quality of the panels, but also by its remarkable warranty.

Carlson highlights a significant advantage for RevoluSun customers: As a Maxeon preferred dealer, RevoluSun is able to offer a 40-year warranty on the Maxeon solar panels they install.
This is a substantial increase over the industry standard warranty of 25 years, and is a bold statement of confidence in the durability and long-term performance of the product.


The extended warranty doesn’t just cover defects; it also guarantees the performance of the solar panels over four decades. Most solar panels naturally experiencing a slight reduction in efficiency each year, but this warranty ensures Maxeon panels will maintain a high level of performance throughout its lifespan. This performance guarantee, coupled with the minimal annual degradation of Maxeon panels, provides peace of mind to homeowners and demonstrates a clear understanding of the long-term benefits of their investment in solar energy.

RevoluSun’s decision to offer Maxeon panels, backed by an industry-leading warranty, reflects the company’s commitment to quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction. For homeowners contemplating the switch to solar, this partnership not only promises a reduction in energy bills but also contributes to a greener planet.
Those interested in leveraging the cutting-edge technology of Maxeon panels and the unparalleled warranty offered through RevoluSun are encouraged to explore further.

With a team ready to guide homeowners through each step of the process, RevoluSun is paving the way toward a future where solar energy is accessible, reliable and supremely efficient.

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