As people gather with their ohana this holiday season, we are reminded about the important role that family plays in our lives. It’s a great time to assess the well-being of each family member, especially those entering their golden years. Tutu and papa may need extra support in the coming years, and you may be wondering how to best meet their needs without infringing on their continuing desire for independence. It’s a tricky problem that can have an easy answer when you turn to the experts at HK Construction.

Many island homeowners have discovered the tremendous benefits of having a permitted accessory dwelling unit built on their property to accommodate their family’s evolving needs.


An ADU is a second dwelling unit that includes its own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom facilities. The small structure can be attached or detached from the main home and is designed to provide privacy to each set of occupants.

You might be wondering if an ADU can be built at a single-family residence due to the size or shape of the property. Should you build a separate structure, convert an existing space or attach the ADU to the main home? HK Construction, a fourth generation kamaaina company, can offer the expert services of its design-build team to present possible options. The company has been successfully creating ADU solutions to meet the range of needs of island families for many years.

While ADUs are a perfect solution for older adults, they are also a great option for extended ohana or young adult family members saving to buy their own piece of paradise. ADUs can even be rented out to non-family members to generate supplemental income, a key difference from traditional Ohana Dwellings that restrict occupancy to family members. Also, building an ADU will likely add value to the property, providing one more reason to consider making the investment.


As a design-build company, HK Construction provides the benefits of a streamlined process and avoids the sometimes-troublesome handoff between architects and builders. HK’s design team will listen to a client’s goals and, once a design is approved, the company’s build ers will execute precision while meeting requirements.

HK Construction is a fully licensed, bonded and insured construction company, and contractor you can trust to build an ADU to meet your family’s specific needs. In addition to ADUs, the company excels at renovations, new construction and complete rebuilds.

For more information and to discuss your next home construction project, call HK Construction today at 808-841-1800 or email HK’s team of experts are ready to explain its design-build process and review your specific needs. Visit for a closer look at what HK Construction has to offer.

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