Living preferences have changed over the last 30 years and if your home is showing its age, there are a few renovations that can improve both your comfort and quality of life.

Today, kitchens are larger, floor plans are more open, and larger master suites and ensuite often have bathrooms. Home offices, exercise rooms and multi-use spaces are also far more common today. Changing the floor plan, expanding the kitchen and adding space require licensed contractors with custom home building and design experience. Homeworks Construction has nearly 30 years of experience as a custom home builder on Oahu. Below are some of the smart home upgrades and updates they are building for their clients today.


“In Hawaii, we are used to having visitors stay with us and multiple generations live together,” says Marshall Hickox, president of Homeworks Construction. “Building additional living spaces — an extra bedroom, bathroom, or even a second living room — can make everyone more comfortable.”


Converting a garage, adding a laundry room or even adding an exercise space is now common.


A junior suite is smaller than a master suite, but larger than a standard bedroom and typically provides more closet space and an en-suite bathroom.

“A junior suite is ideal for multigenerational households. It offers privacy and independence for kupuna and adult children living in the home,” Hickox says.

The addition of a bedroom with en-suite bathroom will also add enhanced privacy for guests and potentially offer space for a comfortable home office. This type of renovation will add value and increase hosting capacity as well.



Kitchens have evolved from functional cooking spaces to entertainment hubs and gathering spaces. These rooms have grown in square footage and often incorporate islands or peninsulas, creating more workspace and a place for casual dining. High-end appliances and modern kitchen technology have also become more prevalent. Well-placed task lighting, the addition of smart technology and energy-efficient appliances have made modern kitchens more comfortable and helpful.


Homes now feature multifunctional spaces that can adapt to different needs.

“A bedroom and possibly the living room offered the only private space in a home. Today, it’s not enough. One person may have a work meeting while another family member wants to read or watch TV. Multifunctional spaces do it all and are part of modern living,” Hickox notes.

Combining a home office with a guest room or creating a playroom that can easily transform into an entertainment area, or even adding privacy nooks within these spaces can make everyone feel at home.


Understanding what is possible with your current floor plan requires professional assistance. The best way to begin any major renovation is to consult a professional, establish a budget, and offer ideas and inspiration if you already have an idea of what you want. If you’re ready for a free consultation, call Homeworks Construction or visit

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