For most homes, the bathroom is a sanctuary. It’s the only place where some of us get the much-needed peace and quiet in our busy days. For more than 20 years, The Bathroom Store has recognized the need for high-quality and efficient products to transform your space into a personal sanctuary. As one of the many luxury brands The Bathroom Store carries, TOTO is a global leader in bathroom fixtures. With a commitment to balancing beauty, performance and innovation, TOTO has set the standard for the ultimate luxury bath experience.

Transforming the meaning of cleanliness and comfort, TOTO designed the innovative line called Neorest. A toilet that’s far from traditional, the Neorest’s automatic lid greets you at your arrival, instantly warming the seat. The built-in bidet system provides rear and front sprays for the ultimate cleanse. You can also adjust the wand position, pressure and temperature to ensure maximum comfort. Even the dryer has adjustable settings for the ideal temperature and air flow to make your experience as comfortable as possible.


One of TOTO’s main goals is to maintain a hygienic space and with that in mind, they introduced the PREMIST. Electrolyzed water runs through the seat and mists into the bowl from the wand to help kill bacteria before and after each use. The state-of-the-art tornado flush system ensures your bowl is cleaned after each flush with a hole-free rim and specially designed CEFIONTECT glaze — a nanotechnology that creates a slippery surface, preventing matter from adhering to the bowl.

The newest addition to the Neorest line is the LS model. It’s the first Neorest to have a decorative trim and matching remote in black, silver and nickel. The LS is edgy, modern and sleek with straight lines to fit in any space. Designed to clean, the LS elevates the PREMIST technology even further by misting under the seamless seat and eliminating any bacteria that may linger. Equipped with the beloved features that TOTO is known for, the LS is truly an exceptional addition to the Neorest line.

For the months of September and October, The Bathroom Store will be having a huge moving sale. Stop by The Bathroom Store and we can show you why TOTO and the TOTO Neorest LS are the next best additions to your home.


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