Some homeowners thrive on do-it-yourself projects. They roll up their sleeves, watch a how-to video, then repair their own plumbing, build their own bookshelves or tile their own floors.

Other homeowners prefer to turn tougher projects over to professionals who can get them done quickly and neatly.

For those who choose to let the pros handle the job, Hawaiian Turfgrass provides complete turnkey installation services. And homeowners who schedule turnkey installation (minimum 400 square feet) by Sept. 30 will receive a $500 discount.

“We can handle your site prep, deliver your turf and install it for you,” says Sean Fong, president of the Mililani company. “We can even design and install an irrigation and sprinkler system, for easiest maintenance of your new lawn.”


If you’d rather get the job done yourself, Hawaiian Turfgrass makes that easy, too, offering both pickup and curbside delivery. Thanks to the company’s online ordering system, it’s never been easier for DIY homeowners to shop for a new lawn.


Packed with information about each available turfgrass variety, the website has all the tools you need to choose the best grass for your lawn, including an area calculator that uses satellite mapping to help determine its square footage.

After placing your order, prepare the yard carefully for installation.

“Soil preparation is the key to a healthy beautiful lawn,” Fong says. “If you want to do your own installation, follow these steps carefully before pickup or delivery, and your lawn should thrive for years.”

First, remove the old lawn and any weeds — organically or with herbicides — to prevent weeds and old grasses from coming through the new sod.

“This is a critical step, and it will take anywhere from two to four weeks,” Fong says. “Take your time and protect your investment.”

Next, rake and remove roots and plant material.


“Loosen and till the soil, then rake until the surface is level,” Fong says.

The third step is soil amendment. Spread a one-inch layer of good compost across the area, till it with existing soil and use a drum roller to level.

“This creates a healthy, nutrient-rich surface, and reduces soil layering,” says Fong.

Finally, it’s time for installation. Plant the sod over the compost base in a checkerboard pattern, pushing seams together. Then, use the drum roller to help the new sod make contact with the compost beneath it. Water the new lawn two or three times a day for the next three weeks.

“We try to make beautiful lawns easy and accessible for determined do-it-yourselfers, as well as for homeowners who want us to create their lawns from start to finish,” Fong says.

With Hawaiian Turfgrass, it’s simpler and quicker than ever to purchase a beautiful new lawn. Visit to place an order and arrange for pickup or curbside delivery. Prefer to let us handle the job? Call 808-371-0527 to schedule complete turnkey installation by Sept. 30 for a $500 discount.

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