If it’s time to install vinyl windows or vinyl siding call Tropical Wholesale. Tropical is the home of the experts. Tropical, better known as “vinyl is final,” has the very best products available in the vinyl window and siding industry. With more than 60 years of experience in Hawaii, Tropical is the only locally owned and operated vinyl window and vinyl siding business in Hawaii. As far as owners Mike and Matt are concerned, that makes all the difference in the world. Tropical has its roots here in Hawaii. With more than 20,000 Hawaii customers and three generations of doing business for 60 years in the state, Tropical is special.

Mike — the soon-to-be owner of Tropical— says what sets them apart is a love for Hawaii as a family. As a Saint Louis School alumnus who was taught about brotherhood, Mike knows that Hawaii people have that same brotherhood of aloha to others. Mike went to college on the mainland but couldn’t wait to get home because there was nowhere like Hawaii. It was just special. The spirit of Hawaii’s people is just different. That’s why Mike wants Tropical to keep going. His dad, Matt, says he has 20,000 promises to homeowners, and he intends to keep them. Mike loves what he does every day, interacting with locals who are Tropical’s top market. That’s why its other slogan is “buy local.” It services what it sells and is known for the best products and installation work — no shortcuts like other mainland contractors.


Mike’s father agrees. Even in these tough times when business is so hard to do because of rising prices and shipping issues, he says that their family has built the business on doing a better job with better materials, taking pride in workmanship and ensuring happy customers. Tropical has the experience and long-term relationships to get jobs done.

Matt says, “I think it starts with the estimating process. We, at Tropical, have no salesmen. This means no high sales commissions, instead owners who care. All estimates are done by myself or Mike. We, as owners, have real experience. We are the contractors, not just a salesman with a puffed-up title and a 50% discount that is still higher than Tropical prices. No shortcut installs and complete lifetime warranties. I always tell homeowners we may not be the best salesmen, but we are the best at what we do. Aloha and stability are key. Why deal with mainland (companies) when you got us?”

Homeowners can be confident in the company’s experience and stability since it started 60 years ago — when most companies’ workers hadn’t even been born yet. Tropical has also been voted Hawaii’s Best every year since Mike can remember.


Call Tropical for the best materials and job, but also for local service. Buy local because Matt and Mike at Tropical will be here.

Like Matt says, “We got nowhere to go back to like the mainland guys. We will be here keeping our 20,000-plus promises as long as Hawaii supports us and buys local.”

Call Tropical today or come to its showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St.

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