Have you ever walked into a room and noticed a sagging or creaking floor? Have you ever tried the marble test on your floor and it rolls without being pushed? The beams installed in crawl spaces under homes are often undersized and many builders use wooden posts that can rot, shift and settle. When this happens, floor joists can sag and other structural issues can occur.

When these problems arise, the SmartJack® System is the foundation repair product that can provide a permanent solution. Installation includes attaching a steel support beam to floor joists and a sturdy base at the floor. Galvanized steel posts — that can support loads of more than 60,000 pounds — are then adjusted to the correct height to raise floors to a level position.


When used in conjunction with a crawl space encapsulation system, homes with a dirt space can create a crawl space environment that is more energy efficient along with having a more comfortable and level home. Installing a vapor barrier such as CleanSpace® will prevent

the evaporation of moisture from the ground into the crawl space. When the waterproofing system includes a sump pump and drainage pipes, water can be expelled before it causes any problems.

Now is the time to add a crawl space to your home repair list. Contact Foundation Support of Hawaii to schedule a free evaluation of your home’s foundation or crawl space and learn how you can fix your sagging, creaking floors and control the moisture around your home.

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