Spring is around the corner, and many Oahu lawns are showing the effects of the heavy downpours of the past few weeks.

Thanks to the rain, your lawn has likely grown in thick and spongy with a layer of thatch.

“That’s the layer of dead and decomposing plant tissue that forms above the soil,” says Sean Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass. “A thin layer protects plant crowns and reduces compaction. But if thatch gets too thick, water, air and fertilizer won’t reach the grass’ roots.”


Thatch is common in poorly drained, compacted and acidic soil — and in yards that haven’t been mowed regularly.

“Wait till the weather is consistently sunny again,” says Fong. “Scalping, dethatching and sanding are ways to get your lawn back into tip-top shape.”

The first step, scalping, involves thoroughly mowing your lawn several times, lowering the blade height on each subsequent cut. Then, use a dethatcher (also known as a scarifier), a landscaping tool that cuts through soil, to remove the layer of dead roots and leaves.

“Once you get it very low — almost to bare dirt — put in a layer of clean sand,” Fong advises. “The layer will help create a level surface, and the grass will grow back through the sand.”


And if your lawn is simply unable to spring back to your satisfaction this spring, check out the sod varieties sold by Hawaiian Turfgrass, all grown in the native soil of its 67-acre Mililani farm.

“Soil-grown turfgrass has roots that are stronger and embed faster, compared to plastic-grown, root-bound sod,” explains Fong. “It uses less water and fertilizer, because there’s less run-off. And each grass we offer has been carefully bred for improved traits — less mowing, watering and fertilizer; fewer insect and disease problems; and superior appearance.”

To select the turfgrass that’s right for your property, consider your location and the amount of daily sun and shade your yard receives, and the amount of maintenance you can provide. The Hawaiian Turfgrass website offers a variety of tools to help you choose the best grass for your lawn, including an area calculator that uses satellite mapping to help you determine square footage and a comparison chart with the three top performing sods in categories like low maintenance and fertilization requirements.

When you’ve made your choice, simply call to arrange for turnkey delivery and installation. Or, if you prefer to handle installation yourself, you can arrange for pickup or curbside delivery on the website.


“With our website, we’ve made shopping for a new lawn simple and convenient,” Fong says. “We try to offer grasses for every budget, and we grow them in native soil rather than plastic, which is more sustainable and doesn’t contribute to climate change.”

Hawaiian Turfgrass is offering $500 off installation on 400 square feet or more of any of its lovely turf-grass varieties! Call 808-371-0527 by April 30 to receive a $500 discount on complete turnkey installation. Prefer to handle your own installation? Visit hawaiianturfgrass.com to place your order and arrange for pickup or curbside delivery.

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