Do you want a new look for your home in the new year? Perhaps you crave an update but you want to avoid the time and cost commitment of a complete renovation? You may be surprised how a few well-chosen elements can breathe new life into your home.

Interior designers know that strategic updates can revitalize a space without extensive construction. The key is to choose features with designs that speak to you. These items must have provenance and presence to create an atmosphere the moment you enter the room.



The preferred design aesthetic of a room is highly personal, but all good design follows certain principles. Take cues from experienced designers who know that by selecting a few well-chosen products, you can create ambience that impacts an entire space. The design of the elements should be memorable and draw the eye without being overwhelming.

For example, the Occasion Lighting Collection from Kohler is a simple yet elegant way to transform any space. This collection of impeccable craft combines sculptural metal frames with light-capturing ribbed glass shades that draw inspiration from the transformative designs of the early 1960s. This is a period of time when interiors were an intercontinental mix of bold color, tapestries, Japanese screens and other treasures to showcase the owner’s travels and interests.

This unique collection is engineered with the same precision as that of fine jewelry making. The interplay between the faceted frames and the sparkling, multi-dimensional display of light as it cascades through the crystal-ribbed shades results in forms that are bold yet sensual, with an undeniable presence.



Lighting is an accessible and high-impact way to transform a room and stay on budget. Whether it’s an eye-catching chandelier, pretty pendants, perfectly placed sconces or functional and fashionable flushmount lighting elements, there’s something for every space.

Beyond lighting, there are other strategies that can help you achieve an updated effect without taking on a renovation. Some other methods designers use to transform a room include thoughtfully selecting pieces such as a beautiful area rug, stunning wall art, graceful mirror or tabletop objet d’art.

You can add sophistication, create visual tension and add dramatic impact through color or sculpted form. Keep in mind, the provenance of the pieces selected can be anything from where each was found or made, the artist behind the design, the materials the piece is made from, or the craft employed to create the piece.


Above all else, it’s important to be selective. An artful form that has meaning or a story behind it elevates and redefines a space, allowing you to achieve a lot of impact without spending a lot of money. Whether curating the family heirlooms of tomorrow or simply giving your home a refresh by purchasing a pivotal piece, products that make a statement can take your interior to a whole new level in design.