There is no denying that late summer is the hottest part of the year and with our electric rates on the rise, folks everywhere are looking for cooling solutions that can help right away and won’t break the budget.

Dave and Hisayo from Waipahu are a family that found QuietCool from Island Cooling to be the perfect solution for them.


“I used to walk into my house and it felt like a hotbox,” Dave says. “I would run my A/C forever to cool down and yet it still felt stuffy and took too long to cool all the trapped hot air.

“I saw the new QuietCool system at the BIA Expo that worked with open windows and was a fraction of the cost of A/C to run.”

Dave called Island Cooling to book a free consultation and was relieved at how easy the process was.


“Ivan came out to my house to do a site inspection and help me choose the best system for our home’s layout and needs, and just weeks later we had the install team set it up in one day. I even got to take advantage of the rebate from Hawaiian Electric that brought the cost even lower.”

“Being surrounded by the ocean keeps our air temperatures near the comfort zone where we can feel relatively comfortable as long as our houses are not holding in heat,” says Al Whitworth. “What we at Island Cooling do is use our tools help the homeowner create a home that is well-ventilated with QuietCool exhausting the trapped heat out of the home.”

Dave agrees. He says that, “After getting this whole-house fan installed, not only is the house cooler, but the air feels fresher from the continuous air flow. It’s like getting light trade winds through the whole house.”


He adds, “We just received our HECO bill for July and it was over $100 less than our July bill last year, which we credit to our amazing QuietCool! It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our home.”

Island Cooling is Hawaii’s resource for QuietCool whole-house and attic fans. To find out more, or to book a site visit, call 808-672-2300 or visit

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