Customers count on Windows Hawaii as the unsurpassed leader in the field, and that mutual trust and understanding has resulted in the local business being named first-place winner as the top “Window Replacement” store in Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Hawaii’s Best people’s choice awards for eight consecutive years.

The company features top-quality product lines, including its bestselling Alii Extreme windows and doors, and the customer service provided by the Windows Hawaii team is second to none. Some competitors may offer lower prices, but with that comes the increased possibility that customer service and product quality will be lacking, especially when compared to the high standards exemplified by Windows Hawaii.


Daniel Powlison renovated his Lanikai home in 2004 by installing new windows throughout the two-story dwelling near Kailua Beach to address the unique and sometimes extreme weather and climate challenges in Hawaii. However, he soon realized that the new windows were subpar, as they fell apart after being exposed to saltwater spray and Hawaii’s heat and humidity.

“With the location of our home, things need to be built to last because it’s like living on a boat!” Powlison says.

In 2015, Powlison contacted Windows Hawaii general manager Mario Garcia who introduced him to Anlin’s Alii Extreme windows, which are created specifically for Hawaii’s climate and offer multiple benefits including premium noise reduction, exceptional UV protection, heat reduction, and easy operation and maintenance. Windows Hawaii is the exclusive dealer of Anlin’s Alii Extreme window series in Hawaii, and Powlison installed 30-plus brand-new windows at his home, and they continue to perform as promised.


“I was attracted to the Alii Extreme windows being made for Hawaii’s climate, and they continue to hold up very well,” Powlison says. “The customer service is great, and the team at Windows Hawaii has been extremely helpful over the years.

“Mario is a super friendly guy, and he gave me add-ed confidence in this big investment because he genuinely likes and believes in the products. I would definitely recommend Windows Hawaii.”

SunMatrix is a popular feature of the Alii product line that provides four layers of low emissivity coating, which greatly improves energy efficiency. The main benefit of SunMatrix is its ability to block out 99% of harmful UV rays — a feat not offered by any other brand of windows locally. Cooler homes save residents substantially in the long run as energy bills are lowered and possessions are protected from fading and sun damage. Alii Extreme windows withstand winds of up to 120 mph, reduce up to 50% of outside noise, and feature three weather strips per window (sliders) to triple the protection against moisture, dirt, noise, bacteria, mold and mildew, thanks to an antimicrobial treatment.


Garcia stresses the importance of researching and utilizing quality products installed by industry professionals and making sure companies are vetted by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), hold valid licenses and are appropriately bonded and insured to avoid risk to the customer.

“There are some companies out there that are not accredited by the BBB, yet they mislead customers to think they are,” Garcia says. “It’s important to check with various trusted sources — including the BBB, Department of Planning and Permitting, city and county records and sites such as Yelp — to find helpful reviews and guidance during the process.” Call Windows Hawaii to set up a free consultation and for more information.

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