Windows Hawaii continues to carry the banner as the first-place winner representing the top “Window Replacement” store in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Hawaii’s Best People’s Choice Awards as has been the case for eight consecutive years.

Many pleased customers and ohana count on Windows Hawaii as the unsurpassed leader in the field continues to build trust within the local community. Customers count on the company’s top-quality product lines, including its best-selling Alii Extreme windows and doors.


The Alii Extreme line includes a next-generation, high-performance glazing system: Infinite-Plus, which offers a triple-layer silver coating to reduce solar heat. The glass provides 99% UV protection with Windows Hawaii’s new Sun Matrix upgrade, which helps preserve furniture inside the home. This exclusive Sun Matrix addition provides four layers of “low-e,” which no other manufacturer on the island offers.

These superior products feature an incredible U-Factor, which measures how well a window insulates a home from heat, of 0.26; on the scale of 0.26-1.20, this rating designates the Alii Extreme windows as highly efficient when it comes to insulation. The windows feature a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, which notes how much of the sun’s heat comes through the window, of just 0.18 — 0.25-0.80 is considered the normal range for residential windows, so the Alii Extreme products stand out as industry leaders.

Alii Extreme windows offer a 0.40 Visual Transmittance rating, which refers to the amount of natural light allowed to filter through, and this is an ideal figure when paired with its ability to keep heat out. The window line is rated with a 0.60 Condensation Resistance, which is great in Hawaii’s warmer climate as the windows help to regulate humidity within a home.


Additionally, Alii Extreme windows can withstand winds of up to 120 mph, reduce up to 50% of outside noise and feature three weather strips per window (sliders), which triples the protection against moisture, dirt, noise, bacteria, mold and mildew thanks to an antimicrobial treatment.

Windows Hawaii general manager Mario Garcia stresses the importance of doing the appropriate research and utilizing quality products installed by industry professionals and making sure companies are vetted by the Better Business Bureau, hold valid licenses and are appropriately bonded and insured to avoid risk to the customer.

“There are some companies out there that are not accredited by the BBB, yet they mislead customers to think they are,” Garcia says. “It’s important to check with various trusted sources — including the BBB, Department of Planning and Permitting, City & County records and sites such as Yelp — to find helpful reviews and guidance during the process.”


Windows Hawaii customer Nancy Beggin was very pleased after relying on Windows Hawaii to install both Alii Extreme and Celect premium cellular composite siding product lines and received multiple compliments from her neighbors who said it looked like a brand-new house. In addition to her home’s fresh look, Beggin commends the company for its hard-working team. “I couldn’t get over how professional and meticulous they were,” she says. “They made sure everything was done properly and they cleaned up everything every day, including the teardown from the old siding.”

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