The start of October means that summer heat may finally be over, but the ventilation products provided by Island Cooling LLC have been getting a lot of attention from Hawaii homeowners looking to stay comfortable and well ventilated throughout the year. Joanne of Ewa Beach is one of those homeowners.

“I watch my grandkids at home after school and I want to make sure that I provide the best air quality for them,” she says. “This year, I’ve learned so much about the importance of fresh indoor air in keeping healthy, so I needed to find a solution that works with open windows rather than recirculating refrigerated air.”

Joanne learned about QuietCool while researching cooling systems.

“What makes QuietCool unique is that in addition to using less than a quarter of the energy of A/C, it works with open windows and provides healthy fresh air.”


She called Island Cooling and had them inspect her home. Run by brothers Al and Ivan Whitworth, Island Cooling has been leading the way in energy efficient ventilation for over 12 years.

“We work with builders, solar companies and homeowners directly,” says Al. “Our network of installers and roofers means that we have solutions for almost every home.”

Joanne continues, “Since getting it installed, I’ve increased the indoor breezes. It reminds me of how I grew up. I haven’t needed to run my A/C as much and I don’t think I turned it on at all this summer.”

Al explains how the system works.

“Installed in the attic or on the roof, with QuietCool homeowners can come home, flip the switch and literally feel the cooler air coming in the open windows as the hot stagnant air is being taken out.”


Like many local homeowners, Melissa of Kailua needed a ventilation system that worked on the days with no trades.

“I’m a firm believer in open windows,” she says, “but I’ve been dealing with a living room that has been about 10 degrees warmer than outside due to my open ceiling. It’s been like an oven until now!”

Melissa contacted Island Cooling and was thrilled with the result.

“I’ve been very happy with them, from meeting Ivan and learning about how the system works, to the installation process with their partner.”

Melissa’s installation took less than a day and had an immediate effect.


“I am very pleased with everything,” she says. “It’s so cool when you close all the windows except for one and you can feel the wind blow into the room. It’s just like being outside on a trade wind day!”

For a limited time, Island Cooling is offering upgraded remote controls on eligible systems ($125 value). Hawaii Energy rebates of $75 per system are also currently available. Call 808-672-2300 for a consultation or visit for more information.

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