If your bathroom is outdated and it’s time to not only make it better looking, but safer, too, call Tropical. This year marks the 20th anniversary Tropical has been renovating bathrooms. Tropical does everything from the full custom remodels to the simple jobs. Here are some signs your bathroom needs help:

• It’s full of mold/mildew

• You can’t seem to get the tub clean (no matter what cleanser you use)

• There are still separate hot and cold on/off fixtures


• You have slipped and fallen in the bathroom

• The shower curtain is more for hiding the bathtub than decoration

•The tub is rusted/cracked

• Or, the most favorite one I have ever seen, the tub is being held in by a rope tied to a hook over the bathroom entry door.

There are many degrees of needing help with bathroom remodeling and updating. Call Tropical because Tropical does them all. Many homeowners feel their job is too small. Here are a few small easy twoto three-day jobs Tropical can fix or change for you:


• Tub-to-shower conversion

• Tub-to-walk-in tub conversion

• Tub-to-tub replacement

• Full bathroom remodel with a tub and shower vanity sinks and counter, etc.

• Full bathroom build (we build your dream bathroom from the ground up, which will take longer than a few days).


There are many wish lists to be filled because Tropical is not only a general contractor, but is also a plumbing contractor, too. Fully bonded and insured on every project, Tropical can make it happen. Tropical invites you to its showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St. to see all the possibilities for your home.

Tropical has the newest maintenance-free products manufactured by Jacuzzi and Onyx. Both units’ products are mildew free. There is no need to wipe them down or squeegee the units because the manufacturers warranty against water spots — both have lifetime warranties on all units. Conversely, most tile jobs for bathrooms are only a one-year warranty. So, if you want something better with no maintenance for your bathroom, call Tropical and get you free no obligation estimate today. Tropical is the home of “vinyl is final” so, remember, “buy local” and call Tropical today.

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ADDRESS 1351 S. Beretania St., Honolulu