Update your bathroom in as little as three days — famous last words, but it can be done. Maybe not completely, but the important things can be done. As I have been saying for years, most accidents happen in the bathroom. A quick turn and then a slip and fall — break a hip, toe, foot or arm. It’s all bad, especially if you’re over age 55.

Have you noticed everything hurts worse as we age? A bump is now a bruise, and a bruise is now a break. To me, that’s pretty unfair. So, my recommendation is to be proactive. Call Tropical.

Tropical can change a tub to a shower in three days or less. If all goes well, Tropical can also change the toilet and put in a nonslip vinyl floor on the fourth day.


Why these things in particular? Well, because 80% of senior accidents happen getting in and out of a bathtub. Plus, another eye opening statistic is more than 90% of seniors are hurt falling in the bathroom. That is why I think being proactive for the future is so important for seniors’ quality of life.

Nobody plans on falling.

What I have noticed is that as I get older (I am now 64), my body just cannot keep up with my mind. I mentally feel like I’m 30 or 40 years old, but the body doesn’t react that fast anymore. Let’s face it, when we all look in the mirror as we get older, we wonder who that is in the mirror I’m looking at. Well, it’s time to get ahead of age for many reasons.

First, inflation. If we think we should wait to spend money to be safe, do you really think things will get cheaper? Never in my life did I think I would see a Toyota cost $30,000-$40,000, but here we are. It’s not getting cheaper and retirement income does not keep up with inflation. Call Tropical today.


Second, what is good health and quality of life worth? Being stuck in a walker or wheelchair cannot be fun. Having independence of life is a basic to everyone. Call Tropical for that free estimate and get ahead of the game.

Tropical has just purchased two containers of top-quality bathroom conversion units from Jacuzzi. They are all complete with seats, handi-bars and nonslip floors, and all products come with a lifetime warranty from the factory.

So, if you want the best products at a reasonable price, call Tropical and let’s do this today.

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