Modern design celebrates the elimination of unnecessary elements, keeping only the beautiful details that enhance a space. Purposeful, exquisite nuances from finishings and natural materials to functional details bring life to modern design. Designers can redefine a modern space with these principles in mind to create a stunning, yet timeless aesthetic that embodies luxury in its truest form.


Curate a design with clean and streamlined architectures to create a bold yet minimalistic look that maintains sensible simplicity while appreciating modern refinement. In the bath, creatively integrate natural materials such as marble, wood and caning for a sense of elegance that enables the space to transcend residential design.



Elevate the design in a bath or kitchen space by adding depth through intentional geometric patterns, tactile textures and layered styling. Add a note of modern sophistication by selecting handcrafted details made to last, such as a faceted side table made from marble or a textured wallpaper. Consider also adding iconic details and textiles that transform a space without adding clutter.


Source fixtures that embody an innate design versatility and make a statement. Create a focal point in a space through an elegant faucet with refined lines and add a touch of the sublime through purposeful nuances like the knurling details featured in the The Litze® Bath Collection by Brizo®. Each of the six handles in the expanded collection combine exquisite form with raw beauty to create an undeniably modern look that maintains an element of timelessness. Build upon these elements by selecting a color palette that highlights contrast.


A simple, yet intricate design can have a significant impact on overall aesthetics and functionality. Make decisions that strike a balance between curated, luxe pieces and the overall space to create an intentional design with clear lines that highlights form in its simplicity. Bring form and function together with deliberate décor. Layer in exquisite details like functionally placed knurling in The Litze® Bath Collection by Brizo® or an artful sculpture that acts as both table and statement as a final finishing touch.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.