There is a lot of uncertainty these days, but one thing we can count on is the sun rising each morning and blessing us with its warmth and heat.

Island Cooling hopes that homeowners can also count on them when it comes to finding energy-efficient cooling solutions for their hot homes.

Gayle is a Central Oahu homeowner who was concerned that her house was “like a frying pan with no air circulation.” A/C was really not an option she wanted for this home.

After researching some choices, she found out about QuietCool and reached out to Island Cooling for help. Run by brothers Ivan and Al Whitworth, Island Cooling specializes in educating homeowners on innovative ways to cool local homes. They have years of experience in finding the right solutions and tools for each unique neighborhood and home.

“Ivan helped guide me to which size to buy and where to put the intakes to maximize the most circulation,” she says. “He knew time was of the essence since the house was vacant and notified me when there was an install opening.”


So, did the system work? Gayle has an answer, “Once the fans were installed, we noticed a considerable difference. This has been a great investment and we even got a Hawaii energy rebate back.”

Corey from Mililani echoes the sentiment.

“I installed back in August 2014 and we have been nothing but impressed with QuietCool,” he says. “I highly recommend Al and the gang for questions and answers.”

He explains that on an average day, “We come home in the late afternoon, adjust the windows so it’s about 8-12 inches open and turn the fans on.

Within minutes the house has a nice cool breeze being pulled through and exiting the attic.”

One of his favorite things is running the system at night instead of A/C.


“If you want that added breeze while you sleep,” he says, “set the timer and you’re good to go!”

As for energy savings: “This system has cut our A/C use by at least 80%. I don’t need to tell you what it saves us on our electricity bill.”

He wholeheartedly endorses Island Cooling.

“If you’re in the market for an A/C unit, check these guys out first! It may change your mind,” he adds.

Island Cooling has even gotten noticed for commercial applications. In 2016, Nii Superette installed QuietCool systems on the roof of its building to exhaust the heat from refrigeration units, but found another benefit, too.

“At Nii Superette, our air is exchanged with fresh air over 30 times per hour,” says Stephen Nii, a fourth-generation owner. “This keeps our people fresh and healthy during this time, as well as saves over $500 a month on our energy bill!”


For more information, visit, or call 808-672-2300 to talk with the brothers at Island Cooling.

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