Janice Ng decided that she needed to find a special way to cool her home. She wanted to avoid A/C and sought an option where she could leave her windows open. Unfortunately, Ng’s home is on the edge of Waikiki and had direct sunlight from morning until night, and the air just never seemed to flow into the home.

But when she read in Hawaii Renovation that Quiet-Cool would work with open windows, she knew this was the answer to her problem.

“Before having QuietCool installed, my home was always hot and stuffy, even with windows and doors open,” Ng says. “Ceiling fans just pushed around the hot air. I also feel like since we live in Hawaii, we really shouldn’t need an air conditioner.”

Ng’s system of two fans was installed in April.


“Ever since the fans have been installed, the home temperature has gotten much cooler and I always have a nice cool breeze coming through the windows,” she says. “Even better, I was in my home all weekend, including the super-hot noon-4 p.m. time periods, and it stayed cool and breezy the whole time.”

Brothers Ivan and Al Whitworth run Island Cooling LLC, Hawaii’s exclusive distributor of QuietCool systems.

“We encourage people to do their research on Quiet-Cool,” says Ivan. “Our website is a good starting point and there are a lot of reasons why folks prefer natural air.

“QuietCool fits our lifestyle,” he continues, “Plus, it’s very energy efficient. Bedroom-sized systems use as little as 55 watts per hour and savings include a $75 Hawaii Energy rebate.”

Al pointed out that Quiet- Cool is great for do-it-yourself folks, too.


“Systems are installed in the attic and draw heat out of the home, bringing cooler air in. Other than the electrical, it takes just 16 screws to install the system.”

For those not inclined to get up into the attic, Island Cooling has a network of installers, contractors and developers with experience installing them in Hawaii homes.

Christina Takenami of Kapolei also had praise for Island Cooling. Her system was installed in 2014, and while Kapolei is one of the hotter areas on Oahu, Takenami can’t imagine being at home without it.

“We run our QuietCool every day, but especially at night. We really like that it’s so energy efficient and it’s saved us a lot of money over the years.”

Takenami also recommended Island Cooling for its excellent customer service and awesome response time.


“I had a QuietCool installed a few years ago and had a great experience,” she says. “Recently, I had a minor problem with my control panel. They came out right away to fix the problem at no charge. Thank you very much Island Cooling for another great experience.”

For more information, visit islandcooling.com or call 808-672-2300 to talk with the company’s certified green professionals.

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