Enjoying your yard is what you dream of as a homeowner. Are you planning a graduation party or other outdoor celebration? Mosquitoes can make that difficult. They start coming out during the spring months and are most active at dusk during the summer — just as you are ready to relax outside and celebrate with friends and family.

That’s where our mosquito control service comes in. There are a number of things you can do around your home to reduce their populations, but contacting an expert is your best bet.

Your Hawaii Western Exterminator team can help reduce your exposure to mosquitoes in your yard, as well as reduce the health risks they pose with our mosquito control service. Not only will our solutions eliminate adult mosquitoes and control young, developing mosquito larvae, but it will also prevent the reproduction of mosquitoes. It is fast-acting, long-lasting and odor-free.

A Western Exterminator service specialist will inspect your property and identify the areas in your yard that need to be treated. Then, an EPA-registered barrier treatment will be applied where mosquitoes rest, including places such as:


• Perimeter vegetation

• Weeds, tall grass, shrubs

• Lowermost tree limbs (no more than 10 feet high)

• Ground cover, such as plants, grasses in cool, damp or shady areas, and other ornamental plants

• Mulch and landscape beds adjacent to your home


• Eaves and overhangs

• Accessible areas beneath decks and porches

• Any standing water (fountains, birdbaths, etc.).

Your Western Exterminator service specialist will offer recommendations to help eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites in your yard to further protect your family.

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