Since opening its doors in 1990, Graham Builders has collaborated with hundreds of Hawaii families to design functional, beautiful new homes and large renovations for multiple generations living under one roof. With years of expertise as a foundation, the Graham Builders team has developed the concept of the AGE-ility™ Home, which will be introduced at its presentation at 10 a.m., Sunday, March 28, at BIA’s Virtual BIG Home Building & Remodeling Show.

Co-presenter Bonnie Oda, client care director for the design-build firm, became Hawaii’s first Certified Agingin-Place Specialist in 2007. Graham Builders president Evan Fujimoto also holds the CAPS certification and has taught thousands of Oahu residents on the best practices in designing for elders. In the BIA presentation, both will explain the elements of an AGE-ility™ Home, which Graham Builders regularly employs in its designs, as well as the practical aspects of building for aging in place.


“As of 2020, the median monthly cost of a Honolulu assisted living facility is $5,000,” Oda points out. “The costs of not being able to stay in your own home are exorbitant. Modifying a home for accessibility can be costly, but if your home prevents you the ability to bathe, dress or groom yourself, then the cost of the modifications becomes minimal, compared to the cost of an assisted living facility.”


When the Graham Builders team designs any home, special attention is paid to elders and any person with limited mobility or special needs, no matter his or her age.

“In order to accommodate larger families, many multigenerational homes have two stories,” says Oda. “Our designs prioritize the ground floor for elders and those who need accessibility.”


Just as good home design for kupuna should provide a safe and comfortable place to age, good design for children should offer a safe and friendly place to grow. And AGE-ility™ design, according to Oda, is as much for families with young keiki as it is for elders.

“Waist-high electrical outlets prevent elders from having to bend down, and prevent curious toddlers from sticking fingers in the sockets,” she adds. “Elimination of barriers helps prevent skinned knees on toddlers and broken bones for older folks. Wider hallways allow passage for wheelchairs, strollers, widescreen TVs and arcade games for the man cave. And, I don’t care how old or young one is — having a Kitchen Aid lift is a great back saver!”

Over the past 31 years, Graham Builders has designed, renovated and built homes for hundreds of multigenerational families with diverse lifestyles, expectations and requirements.


Don’t miss its exclusive presentation on “AGE-ility™ at Home … Creating homes for a lifetime,” at BIA’s Virtual BIG Home Building & Remodeling Show, 10 a.m., Sunday, March 28.

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