Windows Hawaii churns out the best glass in its class with enhanced features that boast energy efficiency, heat and noise reduction, and more that keep homes sound and comfy for everyone and everything inside. The American Architectural Manufacturers Association-accredited business is also praised for providing exemplary customer service from its offices to its installation team.

Thanks to the company’s Alii Extreme line of windows and doors by manufacturer Anlin Window Systems, residents get to enjoy the chill of heat-reduction technology with its Platinum Elite Spacer, which also happens to double up the thickness of the already-included security film.


SunMatrix is a hot new upgrade to the Alii product and provides four layers of low-emissivity (low-E) coating, which, in turn, greatly improve energy efficiency. The main benefit of SunMatrix is its ability to block out 99% of harmful UV rays — a feat not offered by any other brand on the island.

This makes Windows Hawaii the exclusive source of SunMatrix in the state. With the ability to block out a high percent of UV rays, this makes the house cooler and protected, saving residents big bucks in the long run on household utilities and ensuring safeguarded furniture. To add to that, triple-strength glass on Alii Extreme windows heightens durability and improves noise reduction of sounds coming in or out of the house.

Windows Hawaii offers free estimates and there is always a representative available to help — many times, it’s the general manager himself, Mario Garcia.


Garcia knows what it’s like to be a customer, so his foundation in providing excellent customer service begins with treating others how he’d like to be treated. This includes being available when people need him to answer questions, or even stopping in for a checkup. In fact, Garcia makes it a point to follow up for weeks or months after installation, just to make sure the products are meeting customers’ expectations.

On top of reliable products and superb customer service, the company’s windows and doors are AAMA certified.

“When it comes to installing windows and doors, there are several different installation methods and frame types. Being AAMA certified, I was trained in and follow the AAMA standards when choosing the correct window type and install type for each individual home,” explains Windows Hawaii production manager Kurt Malley.


Malley ensures customers receive tested and accepted installation techniques; proper material selection, including the correct use of sealants and flashing; protection of the property; quality control; and product care, adjustment, cleaning and maintenance.

“When a client chooses Windows Hawaii for their remodeling project, not only do we install windows and doors, but we also install confidence and trust,” shares Malley. “The customer can have confidence that they will be getting a quality product installed correctly and up to industry standards, and trust us to do what is right for their home.”

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ADDRESS 91-314 Komohana St., Kapolei