With spring just around the corner, many Oahu homeowners are getting their lawns ready for backyard barbecues, soccer drills with the kids and other seasonal fun.

“Besides being a great place for families to gather, a healthy lawn offers many benefits,” says Sean Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass. “It cuts noise down, increases curb appeal and value, and cools things off. It also minimizes dust and cleans the air.”

Healthy lawns also trap stormwater runoff, which lessens erosion and improves flood control. With online ordering, now available at hawaiianturfgrass.com, it’s never been easier to purchase a new lawn, for either pickup or curbside delivery.

“If you’re planning to do the installation job yourself, you’ll want to follow these steps carefully before pickup or delivery, to help ensure that your new lawn will thrive,” Fong advises.


1. Remove old lawn and all weeds: “Whether you do it with herbicides or organically, this step is critical; it’ll take two to four weeks,” says Fong. “The last thing you want is for weeds and old grasses come through the new sod. Take your time and protect your investment.”

2. Rake and remove roots and plant material: Loosen and till the soil, then rake till surface is level.

3. Add soil amendment: “Spread 1 inch of high-quality compost across the entire area,” Fong recommends. “This creates a healthy surface with lots of nutrients.”

4. Create a level surface to install the sod: Spread the compost with rakes, then use a drum roller to remove divots.

5. After installing the sod over the compost base in a checkerboard pattern, with seams pushed close together, go back and forth with the drum roller to help the new sod make contact with the compost beneath it. “If the grass is soaked adequately, it’ll be soft and the water will squish out from the roller,” says Fong.


6. Water your new lawn two or three times a day for the next three weeks.

“These are critical preparation steps for homeowners who want to install their own turfgrass,” explains Fong. “They’ll help a new lawn stay healthy and beautiful for years.”

Those who prefer to let the pros handle the project will be happy to learn that Hawaiian Turfgrass, a licensed contractor, offers complete turnkey lawn services: site prep, irrigation, delivery and installation.

Call 371-0527 and order your new lawn (minimum 500 square feet) by March 31 for a $500 installation discount!

Prefer to install your new lawn yourself? Visit hawaiianturfgrass.com to place your order and arrange for pickup or curbside delivery!

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