As 2020 comes to a close, co-owners and brothers Ivan and Al Whitworth of Island Cooling are feeling thankful for the wonderful customers and team who have helped them make it through a challenging year for small businesses.

“This year especially, we’ve all become more aware of the importance of healthy living spaces,” says Al. “Studies haveshownthathavingfresh circulating air is an important part of indoor air quality. Hawaii homeowners realize the value of QuietCool whole house fans for their families.”

Island Cooling is the Hawaii distributor for QuietCool, a ventilation system that improves both the health and comfort of the home by increasing circulation and drawing the hot stuffy air out of the house.


Al adds, “While homeowners might not be too concerned about heat at this time of year, it’s a good time to plan ahead.”

Ashley of Salt Lake agrees. She had a QuietCool system installed in her home in 2019 and has loved it. With this year’s life changes, she decided to make sure that her kids’ after-school caregivers were cared for too.

“I decided to get Quiet-Cool installed in my parents house,” said Ashley. “Now that the kids are going back to school, they are coming home directly to their grandparents. It was important to me to make their home healthier and cooler.”

“A QuietCool system is installed on the roof or in the attic of the house,” explains Ivan. “It’s different from a solar attic fan in that it moves five to 10 times more air — enough to lower the indoor air temperature. For overall health and comfort, QuietCool is more useful and efficient than A/C.”


Marina of Kailua is not shy about letting her friends know of the benefits.

“Rather than being in a room with air conditioning, my QuietCool completely changes the air in the room every few minutes. A system typically uses less than a third of the energy of A/C, and best of all it works with open windows, so you have a ventilation system that increases health and comfort during cooler months, as well.”

For those who feel they need a little extra protection, Island Cooling also carries hospital-grade HEPA air purifiers. Called the Trio Portable, these made-in-America systems use four-stage filtration, UV light and a catalyzer to clean the home’s air. These are great when used in shared spaces, such as near the dining room table or a targeted area like a home office. Customers of this product include families, schools, and police and fire departments.

Island Cooling has healthy and cool options for all homes. For more information on QuietCool, solar attic fans, air purifiers and window awnings, call Island Cooling at 672-2300 or visit

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