The bathroom of your home is a getaway, a place where you have that much-needed quiet time. Some might even call it a sanctuary of sorts. The average person will spend approximately 13,140 hours of their life in a bathroom. That is not a typo: a year and a half spent in the bathroom.

For over 20 years, The Bathroom Store has been making those 13,140 hours the most enjoyable and therapeutic possible. If you have been thinking about rejuvenating or remodeling your bathroom, here are three things that will make your time in the bathroom a more enjoyable and serene experience.



The TOTO Washlet was introduced in Japan in 1980 and brought to America in 1990. The Washlet is an electronic bidet that will make your experience on the toilet more enjoyable and will leave you feeling a lot cleaner. Since its inception, TOTO has sold over 40 million Washlets. With recent travel fares to Japan being low, a lot of people have traveled to Japan and those who braved the Japanese writing on the remotes or controls have gotten to try the Washlet firsthand in Japan. Those who have used it will tell you that it is one of the most sanitizing experiences one could have while on the toilet. The built-in deodorizing fan is also something that makes people say “How did I live without it?”


From the old Japanese tradition of soaking in onsen (natural hot spring) or Roman bathhouses, soaking has been around for a very long time. The reason why many people soak is for the medicinal benefits. Hydro-therapy has been proven to relieve the aches and pains associated with inflammation of joints caused by arthritis and other muscular diseases. According to some research, soaking for 10-15 minutes a day reduces blood pressure and will also burn as many calories as a walk. With the options of whirlpool or air massage jets, soaking can be also a great way to wind down from that long day and get that much-needed stress relief.


Turning your existing shower into a steam room may be easier than you think, thanks to Mr. Steam. The health benefits of steaming are continually growing, and will leave your skin with a healthy glow while rejuvenating it through hydration and lubrication. Steaming will boost your metabolism and increase your blood circulation. Steaming will also give you a detoxification, getting rid of metabolic and other waste products. Mr. Steam also offers Chrma therapy (mood-changing lights), aromatherapy and music to make your steaming more enjoyable.


The Bathroom Store has been Hawaii’s premier dealer for TOTO bathroom products and other luxury brands.

Our showroom is filled with many ways to take your bathroom to that next level and start reaping the benefits of what our products have to offer.

Come visit us at The Bathroom Store and let us help you convert your existing bathroom into your very own private sanctuary.

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