Cooling the home is always a good investment. Making the house more airy, healthy and comfortable during 2020 is a must.

Brothers Al and Ivan Whitworth run Island Cooling LLC, which has been leading the way in energy-efficient ventilation for over 12 years.

“We work with builders, solar companies and with homeowners directly,” says Al. “Our network of installers and roofers means that a QuietCool home is fresher, more airy and comfortable.”


Ed and Jackie Li of Honolulu were looking for a solution for a hot house.

“We were tired of getting home to what felt like an oven, but it just takes so long for the A/C to cool down our family room,” said Jackie. “I was thinking there had to be a way to vent the hot air out of the home.”

That’s when Jackie heard about QuietCool systems from a neighbor who had a system installed. An alternative cooling system that vents the home and rids attic heat, QuietCool uses less than 10 percent of the energy of A/C and works with open windows. This system also increases indoor air quality by venting stale stagnant air.

“I love that I can come home, flip the switch and literally feel the cooler air coming in the open windows as the hot stagnant air is being taken out,” Jackie said.


Kathy in Kaneohe has another reaction: “This year’s heat caught me completely off guard. I know summer comes every year, but it seems like it’s staying hot later and longer.”

“Installed in the attic, QuietCool is part of a system that draws the hot air up and out of the home, and brings fresh air in,” says Ivan.“Unlike A/C where you have to close the home up to refrigerate it, our system works with open windows and doors.”

Kathy was surprised with how quick and easy it was to start enjoying her QuietCool.

“I had Al Whitworth come out to my home and give advice on selecting my system,” she said. “A few weeks later, it was installed in just a few hours. I needed some additional venting, but Island Cooling referred me to a roofer who installed that too.


“I find that it even helps on the hot sticky days. I’m glad I’m enjoying a cooler home this year and also prepared for next summer”.

Hawaii Energy rebates of $150 per system are currently available. Call 672-2300 for a consultation, or visit for more information.

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