Homeworks Construction has been an innovator in design and construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) since the new residential ordinance was approved by the City and County of Honolulu in 2015.

The design-build firm has completed numerous basic ADUs, the freestanding structures that were the most familiar form of early ADU development (see photo one at top) as well as attached units, which may be located on the upper level of the primary home above a garage or carport (see photo two at bottom left) or at ground level. Currently, Homeworks is completing an 800-square-foot ADU as part of a new home construction on St. Louis Drive; the owner, who will occupy the main house on the 6,000-square-foot property, plans to rent out the ADU (see cover and photo three of kitchen at bottom right).

“The first step in planning an ADU is to confirm that your property qualifies in terms of size, configuration, setbacks and street access, as well as with relation to the existing structure,” said Marshall Hickox, president and chief administrative officer of Homeworks Construction. “Guidelines are updated periodically by the City and County. We can provide information on the most current ADU regulations, as well as a free consultation and evaluation of the proposed jobsite.


“The next step in our design-build process is to submit the ‘ADU checklist’ to DPP to get a clearance from the various departments. Once approved, we can explore a variety of pre-engineered ADU homes that our architecture staff has designed or create a new design from scratch.

“An ADU can be the answer to a need for additional space and privacy for older or younger generations of the same family. It’s also a great solution for younger family members who need their own space but are not yet able to afford to buy or rent.

“Being able to rent out an ADU is another great feature for a homeowner stretched thin by a mortgage payment. The minimum length of time a unit can be rented out is six months. Homeowners who travel often and need a caretaker on the property will also benefit from this legislation.

“The City and County should be commended for taking this major step toward alleviating homelessness, while at the same time creating revenue through the applicable taxes on those ADUs that will be utilized as rentals,” Hickox added.

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