Time to remodel your bath with a small budget? No problem.

Baths can be remodeled all at once or in stages. Too many times, homeowners jump into a projects too quickly and later figure out the budget is short. There is always the alternative such as remodeling in stages, however, if you go this route, 60-plus percent of homeowners never finish. So, how your bath be fixed and stay in budget? Call Tropical at 593-2000. Tropical has a showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St. with many affordable options, colors and styles. And, best of all, Tropical’s projects are affordable. Tropical represents Jacuzzi bath remodel products, and here are few reasons to choose Jacuzzi products installed by Tropical.


First, Jacuzzi is a name recognized worldwide. Jacuzzi has the technology to provide a quality product at a reasonable price. Acrylic bath products manufactured by Jacuzzi are the best available in the US and are American-made.

Second, Jacuzzi warrants their tub and shower products with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. Plus, unlike many smaller outfits, Jacuzzi has the stability to back-up the lifetime warranties.

Third, all Jacuzzi acrylic product are mold and mildew resistant. In fact, the Jacuzzi technology has products that stop the growth of all bacteria and microfibers.


This not only makes for easy cleaning, but also a healthy environment.

Fourth, all jacuzzi products are installed by Tropical’s expert factory-trained technicians. Tropical not only does regular training for all installers, but Tropical is also a licensed general contractor and a licensed plumbing contractor. So, no subcontractors or shoddy work. Plus, with COVID, Tropical has taken the time to train in social distancing and job safety.

Last, Tropical specializes in age-in-place affordable bathroom packages. All units come standard with non-slip floors, handicap bars and built-in seats. Packages can save up to 30-40 percent in cost when compared to tile or marble — not to mention a better look with a maintenance-free mildew-resistant finish. The real plus is that units can be installed completely and are ready to use in two to three days.


Now that the time has come to fix up your worn out bathroom and you are at a loss where to start, buy local and call Tropical. Owners Matt and Mike will help you stay in budget, but your bath will look like you didn’t.

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