Everyone knows how soaking in a tub can relieve stress and be relaxing, but did you know that soaking is beneficial for your health, too? There are numerous studies that show soaking is not only good for your body but also your mind. Soaking can also improve your overall health and daily living.

Here are some of the ways that soaking in warm water can benefit your overall well-being.


• Healing: Soaking in hot water increases blood circulation. More blood flow means more nutrients are available to help cells regenerate, and this speeds up the healing process. Increased blood circulation will also remove pain-causing chemicals that build in tissues.

• Lowering blood pressure: Most people will see their blood pressure go down when they are immersed in hot water.

• Healthier heart: When soaking in hot water, the heart works harder and more efficiently, similar to how it benefits from exercise.


• Stress relief: Warm water immersion provides a safe, relaxing way to unwind, reduce anxiety and cope with the challenges of daily life. With reduced stress, mental health will also improve.

Did you know that there are also tubs that can be helpful with skin problems? Bathtub-maker company Americh has just introduced a tub with nanobubbles, which deep cleans your skin, allowing your skin to absorb the maximum amount of oxygen. This enhances skin cell growth, improves functioning of blood vessels and stimulates the body’s immune system. It can also be helpful with skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, itching and redness. For over 35 years, Americh has been leading the industry as the premier maker of soaking tubs.

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