Island homeowners who dream of a soft, classically beautiful lawn are discovering the extraordinary properties of gorgeously lush, dark green Zeon Zoysia. Barefoot-soft, it’s great for picnics, afternoon naps, even a baby’s first steps. Kids and pets love it because it’s nice to walk on, and homeowners love it because it’s easy to mow and maintain.

“It’s so different from what we’re used to!” says Sean Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass, the state’s exclusive licensed producer of Zeon Zoysia. “Nobody wanted to sit or walk on the old Zoysia, and it was hard to mow and maintain. Zeon is the complete opposite!”


Known for its hardiness and easy maintenance, Zeon Zoysia makes a magnificent residential lawn. It’s soft and “barefoot-friendly,” and bred to be more disease- and insect-resistant than many other varieties. Salt-tolerant Zeon Zoysia grows well near beaches, needing little water or fertilizer. Lawns planted with this lovely variety should be mown every one to two weeks with a reel mower set at 3/4 inches or less.

“Homeowners tell me all the time how much they love their Zeon Zoysia lawns,” Fong says. “There’s minimal thatch; it’s fine-bladed and green from the ground up.”

Babies and dogs aren’t the only ones who love this gorgeous turfgrass. Whether you’re a scratch golfer with a full set of monogrammed Callaways or a duffer with a handicap roughly equivalent to your age, you’ll appreciate Zeon Zoysia’s spectacular pedigree and use on courses all over the world.


It’s featured on the course designed for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, as well as at the Tiger Woods-designed Bluejack National and at Cordillera Ranch, the Jack Nicklaus Signature course, both in Texas. Zeon Zoysia is also featured at Grove XXIII, the Florida course fronted by basketball legend Michael Jordan.

With Hawaiian Turfgrass’ new online ordering system, you can shop for Zeon Zoysia or any of Hawaiian Turfgrass’ other gorgeous varieties, all selected especially for island homes. Select your turfgrass, place your order and arrange for delivery in minutes! And remember, the company offers site prep and irrigation services as well.

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