MRC Roofing is a proud installer of Malarkey rubberized asphalt shingles. Our favorite shingle on the market for the last 20 years is the Malarkey Legacy. It is comprised of rubber infused asphalt that keeps it pliable throughout its 50-year warrantied lifespan. We believe it’s the best shingle on the market, and we have never torn one off!

MRC is a certified installer for the Malarkey brand and can provide our customers with extended warranties. The reason we love the Malarkey Legacy shingle so much is because it has rubberized asphalt that keeps the shingle weatherable and pliable throughout its lifespan. It does not get brittle and crack like the other oxidized shingle brands on the market. The Malarkey shingle has elasticity and a retention of 100 percent. What does this mean for the homeowner? It means that with movement constantly happening to your home, your roof will be able to weather and move as your home does.

The reason our customers like it is because even though it is a superior shingle. It costs the same as the competitors’ shingles in the same weight class and has the same architectural look as other dimensional shingles with shaded relief and a more prominent color palette — it gives the shingle a more three-dimensional look. The light palette of the Silverwood color scheme, along with proper ventilation such as a solar attic vent, provides the customer with a “cool roof” and lower energy costs.


Malarkey mostly stocks shingles in Hawaii that have been treated with a proprietary Algae Resistant (AR) 3M Scotchgard treatment. Without AR, shingles in Hawaii tend to turn black from the local algae that like to grow on the roofs here. In a wet area, an untreated shingle will be black from algae in about five years. Once a roof turns black from algae, it loses its reflective qualities.

MRC installs six stainless steel ring shank nails per shingle. This application is part of the system that provides the homeowner with a 130 mph wind rating on their new Malarkey shingle install. Galvanized nails and electro-plated nails will not last the life span of the Malarkey line of shingles. If you consider that a roof system is only as strong as its weakest link then why would you install a nail that will rust out in 20 years on a shingle with a 40-50-year warranty? You wouldn’t and MRC doesn’t either.

MRC has been roofing Hawaii for 33 years and has a great relationship with Malarkey Roofing Products, as well as kamaaina on Oahu and outer islands.

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