This year, spring cleaning is all about the deep clean. Indeed, spring typically inspires a little more time dedicated to cleaning.

In fact, a recent survey commissioned by Bona and conducted by Harris Poll found that more than half of U.S. adults say that the start of spring triggers extra cleaning in the household.

While in the past it might have been more about simply dusting hard-to-reach corners and cleaning out the fridge, this year it’s also about deep cleaning and disinfecting for safety and to keep everyone in your family — even pets — healthy and happy.


Here are a few tips to deep clean this spring for anyone tackling the task.


It may not be realistic to deep clean your whole home in one weekend, so consider targeting busy areas of your home first. Bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, kitchens and entry areas likely get the most foot traffic, so start there and leave lesser-used areas of the home for later. Gather some helpers and set a timeframe to establish a clear goal and end time. Consider a second round of cleaning if you’re unable to complete the task.


Create a system that works for you to clear out the clutter and make space to deep clean. Set up boxes or bags clearly labeled “Trash,” “Recycle,” “Donate” and “Belongs elsewhere.” Go through each target room, putting anything that shouldn’t be there in one of the labeled containers.

Be sure to get these boxes or bags where they belong to avoid additional house clutter (we’ve all been guilty of moving a pile from one room to another!). You’ll feel lighter and happier just seeing those boxes and bags head out the door. Consider tasking a family member with trash or donation drop-off.



Once you’ve cleared the excess clutter, wipe down the room from top to bottom. Clean the dust accumulated on top of bookshelves or ceiling fans first, then wipe down walls from top to bottom to remove dust and grime using a microfiber mop or cloth. Prioritize large surfaces like countertops and tables, as well as potential germ hotspots like the kitchen sink. Finish up with the floors by vacuuming carpet or by using a cleaner tailored for your hardwood or hard-surface floors.


At every opportunity, look for areas that can be disinfected. Focus on high-use items and areas like remote controls, doorknobs, drawer pulls and keypads. Consider using products that use hydrogen peroxide, a proven healthier way to kill germs. Many traditional antibacterial cleaners use quaternary ammonium compounds or “quats.” This specific class of chemicals is linked to skin irritation and respiratory problems and use of quats is contributing to the global problem of antimicrobial resistance.

For example, Bona Power-PlusĀ® Antibacterial Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner is a new hydrogen peroxide-powered cleaning solution specifically designed to clean and disinfect hard, non-porous flooring surfaces. This ready-to-use antibacterial cleaner is formulated to clean and remove stubborn stains while killing 99.9 percent of household germs with the power of hydrogen peroxide when used as directed. It also leaves your home smelling fresh and clean with no residue left behind.


Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned and refreshed your rooms, brainstorm other ways to improve your living space: Donate excess, little-used furniture to create more space Identify tasks best left to professionals, like exterior window cleaning or hardwood floor refinishing Display brightly colored artwork to renew your walls Set out a vase or two of colorful flower arrangements.


Let your deep cleaning this spring bring a little renewal and brightness to your home. A clean home is also a healthy home for family, pets and friends.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.